A L B I Z Z I A . 9

General Activities
calm shen, regulate qi and blood circulation, clear heat

Sample Indications for Use
depression, agitation, hypertension

To Personalise, Add
Cyperus 18 for qi stagnation syndrome
Acorus Tabs for agitational syndrome
Salvia/Amber Tabs to help treat anxiety attacks
Ardisia 16 for qi and blood stasis and drug withdrawal attempts
Uncaria 6 for hypertension
Zizyphus 18 for blood deficiency and insomnia
Salvia Shou Wu for neurotic insomnia due to blood stasis

Allow 4-6 weeks regular use of this formula to observe significant effects. Increase dosage temporarily during times of heightened symptoms.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered and formed into 700mg tablets. Bottling of 100 and 250 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Albizzia 9 was formulated on the basis of several folk remedies used for the treatment of depression. While several of the traditional prescriptions are designed to address the standard patterns of disharmony associated with depression (eg liver qi stagnation, spleen qi deficiency, accumulation of dampness; see Cyperus 18), The folk remedies are based on experience with individual herbs that seem to be quickly effective. Most of the herbs in this prescription have a calming action, but this does not mean that they make one feel sleepy or sluggish; rather, they calm wasteful nervous energy that can sap one’s vitality and leave one feeling depressed. In many cases of depression, the underlying problem appears to be agitation of the mind with defects in thinking patterns: negative thoughts repeat endlessly. Calming the mind to alleviate some of the repetitive destructive thinking is a potential solution; many modern antidepressive drugs are sedative in nature even though the depressed patient feels restrained from action. The traditional use of most of the herbs in this formula is to calm the spirit (eg albizzia, polygala, biota, polygonum stem) and alleviate internal wind (caused by liver imbalances, treated with tribulus and uncaria). The main ingredient, albizzia, is a specific remedy for depression: the term huan in the name of the herb is translated as “jolly, cheerful, merry, pleased,” referring to the condition that this herb is thought to bring about. On the physical level, the herbs may reduce hypertension, by calming the excessive neuromuscular constriction of the blood vessels. See also: Ardisia 16, Bramyl (Herbs from India) and Salvia/Amber Tablets.

Albizzia, Polygala, Uncaria, Curcuma, Salvia, Peony, Polygonum stem, Tribulus, Biota
Pin Yin
hehuanpi, yuanzhi, gouteng, yujin, danshen, baishao, yejiaoteng, baijili, baiziren