A N E M A R R H E N A . T A B L E TS

General Activities
purge fire, invigorate blood

Sample Indications for Use
chronic rhinitis or sore throat, menopausal hot flashes, skin disorders with dryness and inflammation, facial flushing, feverish felling, excessive perspiration

To Personalise, Add
Restorative Tablets, Rehmannia 16, Tortoise Shell Tablets or Tremella 14 to nourish yin and clear heat
Scrophularia 12 for fever and swelling
Red Peony Tablets for blood stasis and toxin
Myrrh Tablets for blood stasis and inflammation
Pyrrosia 14 for burning urination
Platycodon 14 for chronic sinus inflammation

Heat clearing therapy should be rapidly effective, though complete results may require several days. Excessive use of fire purging therapy may weaken the yang.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered and formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 tablets

Explanatory Notes
Anemarrhena Tablets are primarily based on the formulas of the fire purging school, including Anemarrhena and Rehmannia formula (Da Buyin Wan) and the extended version of that formula, Anemarrhena, Phellodendron, and Rehmannia Formula (Zhi Bai Dihuang Tang; see Pine Mountain section), as well as the formula for treating heat in the blood level, Lonicera and Gypsum Combination (Liangxue Baidu Tang). The main difference between those formulas and the current prescription is the inclusion of cinnamon twig, red peony, and carthamus to address acute symptoms of the chronic underlying disorder. These are ingredients found in several modern prescriptions for treating chronic inflammation; they promote blood circulation. One concept that has developed in recent years is that chronic inflammation leads to local blood circulation damage, which is a reason for slow healing (it is also a reason for failure of antibiotic or anti-inflammatory drugs to have adequate effect). This formula has several ingredients in common with three other prescriptions: Tortoise Shell Tablets and Restorative Tablets, which include herbs to tonify the kidney yin and yang, and Rehmannia 16, which includes several moistening herbs. Those formulas have a tonic action as their dominant effect, while Anemarrhena Tablets has a focus on heat clearing effects. Therefore, in choosing Anemarrhena Tablets, one should be treating a syndrome that is characterised by excess fire or one with yin deficiency that contributes to secondary excess. In complex cases, this formula can be combined with one of the yin tonic prescriptions.

Anemarrhena, Phellodendron, Rehmannia, Cinnamon twig, Scrophularia, Scute, Red peony, Alisma, Lonicera, gypsum, Carthamus
Pin Yin
zhimu, huangbai, dihuang, guizhi, xuanshen, hungqin, chishao, zexie, jinyinhua, shigao, honghua