A N T L E R . 8

General Activities
nourish kidney, generate blood, invigorate yang

Sample Indications for Use
blood deficiency associated with bone marrow impairment, deficient immune functions, impotence

To Personalise, Add
Millettia 9 for leukopenia due to cancer therapies
Tang Kuei 18 for anaemia of unknown origins
Ganoderma 18 for fatigue and depressed immunity
Ginseng 18 for fatigue with low body weight
Restorative Tablets for osteoporosis
Ginseng 6 for weak pulse and fatigue
Mans Treasure for impotence

Allow several weeks for this formula to have notable effect on the bone marrow; continued use may be necessary where marrow-suppressing factors are still present, or in elderly persons.

Manufacturing Specifications
The deer antler is 80% antler powder and 20% antler gelatin from the sika deer raised in northern China. Crude herbs are powdered and formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 tablets and 250 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Antler 8 is a formulation that is primarily intended to provide deer antler in a convenient form. This valuable material is best used as a pill rather than cooked in a decoction (where much of the substance would be lost by it sticking to herb dregs). In powder form, the recommended daily dose of deer antler is from 0.5 to 1.5 grams per day, which is the amount contained in just 2-6 tablets of this formula. Deer antler is classified as a yang tonic, but it contains both yin nourishing and yang invigorating components. The yin nourishing aspect is contained primarily in the gelatin (soluble in hot water); the yang aspect (soluble in alcohol) is called pantocrine (see Pantosterone, White Tiger). Both gelatin and pantocrine are reputed to help build the blood, being especially useful for red blood cell deficiencies. Unlike the liver-blood nourishing agents (eg tang kuei, peony, rehmannia), this formula works at the level of the marrow (both from the traditional and modern view points). While it is expected that Antler 8 will often be used along with another prescription, it has been designed to function as a single remedy. The formula includes tonics for the qi and blood to make a well-rounded treatment for deficiency syndrome, and it includes salvia and tang kuei to help recover blood circulation in cases where there is chronic or severe disturbance to the blood system, as would be the expected application of this formula. Composition A also relies on deer antler as a main ingredient. Deer antler has anti-inflammatory action associated with glucosamine sulphate (see: Boswellamine), which is usually derived from other animal sources.

Deer antler, Salvia, Rehmannia, Polygonatum, Ginseng, Tang kuei, Aquilaria, Cardamon
Pin Yin
lurong, danshen, dihuang, huangjing, renshen, danggui, chenxiang, sharen