A R I S A E M A . 1 0

General Activities
resolve phlegm-damp, dispel excess moisture, invigorate stomach, regulate qi

Sample Indications for Use
carpal tunnel syndrome, lymphedema, obese constitution, dizziness, weak digestive functions

Combine With
Pinellia 16f for chronic phlegm in lungs or sinuses
Chiang Huo 13 or Angelica 14 for carpal tunnel syndrome
Ginseng 18 or Shen chu 16 for tiredness after eating
Cyperus 18 for alcoholism
Womans Treasure for infertility due to phlegm-damp accumulation
Diagnostic Tablets for hypothyroid condition

Treatment time should be 3-4 weeks to note significant effects. Long term therapy should not be necessary.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered and mixed with fresh ginger extract and formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Arisaema 10 is based on the three formulas for phlegm-damp syndrome: Erzhu Tang (Atractylodes and Arisaema Combination), a formula for phlegm-damp accumulation that causes swelling in the arms, as occurs with lymphedema, shoulder bursitis, and forearm neuralgia; Cangzhu Daotan Wan (Red Atractylodes Phlegm Removing Pill), a formula for phlegm-damp accumulation that leads to, among other things, infertility in women; and Banxia Baizhu Tianma Tang (Pinellia and Gastrodia Combination) for phlegm-damp that causes headaches, tiredness after eating, and dizziness. The syndrome of phlegm-damp is most often seen in persons of obese constitution who have weak function of the stomach/spleen system, leading to accumulation of fluid and sensations of numbness, dizziness, or tiredness. Others can suffer the syndrome as a result of dietary imbalances regardless of weight or digestive abilities. Contributors to the phlegm-damp accumulation include excess dietary fat, too much consumption of alcohol. In cases where a part of the body has been stressed, such as with damage to or repeated use of the arms, the phlegm damp accumulation can lead to persistent numbness, stiffness, and/or pain, as occurs with carpal tunnel syndrome, finger arthritis, shoulder bursitis, or tennis elbow. This formula is quite drying in nature; therefore, if there is any finding of yin deficiency or dryness, it should be supplemented by a tonic such as Pseudostellaria 9.

Arisaema, Atractylodes, Pinellia, Shen-Chu, Hoelen, Chih-ko, Citrus, Cyperus, Chiang huo, Ginger fresh (e)
Pin Yin
dannanxing, cangzhu, banxia, shequ, fuling, zhiqiao, chenpi, xiangfuzi, qianghuo, shengjiang