B L U E . C I T R U S . T A B L E T S

General Activities
disperse qi, resolve masses

Sample Indications for Use
breast lumps, chronic lung infection, hepatitis with fibrosis, adjunct therapy for beast and liver cancers

To Personalise, Add
Myrrh Tablets or Sparganium 12 for hard lumps and persistent abscesses
Patrinia 7 for breast abscess
Upper Palace Tablets for painful lumps
Scrophularia 12 for numerous small breast lumps
Bupleurum 12, Eclipta Tablets, or Paris 7 for chronic hepatitis with liver-qi stagnation
Cyperus 18 for accompanying anxiety
Sparganium 12 for abdominal masses

For treatment of organic disorders, the treatment time should be several weeks, up to three months, at high dosage; for preventive purposes, the formula can be used regularly at a moderate dose.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered and formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 or 250 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Blue Citrus Tablets is a formulation based on modern Chinese treatment strategies for breast lumps (breast hyperplasia). Traditional principles are employed - mainly regulating qi, resolving phlegm accumulation, and dispersing stagnant blood. According to research reports, administration of formulas similar to this one could alleviate breast lumps after only a few weeks or months of administration. When possible, a high dosage decoction (or dried decoction) should be used to initiate the therapy, and Blue Citrus Tablets should be used as a follow-up once partial reduction in breast lump size is attained. However, if those preparations are not a viable option, this formula should be used in high dosage (eg 5-6 tablets, 3 times daily). The same formula can be utilised for other lumps that occur in the areas traversed by the liver meridian; the only ingredient that is intended to “direct” the action of the herbs to the chest area is trichosanthes fruit, a minor ingredient, but bupleurum and cyperus are used to direct action to the areas affected by the liver meridian. In cases of breast cancer, usually treated by surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, this formulation may be of assistance in the prevention of recurrence, which the Chinese blame on emotion-caused stagnation of qi, blood, and fluids. Paris, curcuma, and sparganium are examples of herbs commonly used in anticancer formulas. Most of the Blue Citrus Tablets ingredients are also used in treatment of liver and lung diseases; the breast resides over the lungs and along the liver pathways, so there are overlapping treatment methods for these diseases.

Blue citrus, Bupleurum, Cyperus, Prunella, Oyster shell, Paris, Dandelion, Curcuma, Vaccaria, Tang kuei, Trichosanthes fruit, Peony, Sparganium, Licorice
Pin Yin
qingpi, chaihu, xiangfuzi, xiakucao, muli, zaoxiu, pugongying, yujin, wangbuliuxing, danggui, gualou, baishao, sanleng, gancao