B L U E . E A R T H . D R A G O N

General Activities
resolve phlegm, regulate surface

Sample Indications for Use
watery sinus congestion, common cold, influenza with fully developed symptoms, cough

To Personalise, Add
Angelica 14 for sinusitis with headache
Anemarrhena Tablets for sinusitis with internal heat
Chrysanthemum 9 for wind-heat syndrome
Platycodon 14 for obstinate sinusitis
Pinellia 16 for profuse sinus discharge or asthmatic breathing
Forsythia 18, Bidens 6, or Patrinia 7 for sinus infection

This formula may be used for a few days to treat an acute ailment or for several weeks to treat a chronic sinus problem.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs, extracted by hot water and spray dried, produce a powder that is formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 and 250 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Blue Earth Dragon is a modification of the well-known traditional formula Minor Blue Dragon Combination (Xiao Qinglong Tang). The modification involves replacing the ma-huang and asarum (intensively warming herbs) by angelica, cnidium, citrus, and perilla, and adding the cooling and opening herbs chrysanthemum, and earthworm. Citrus with pinellia strongly resolves excessive mucus; chrysanthemum helps to reduce infection, and clear local heat; and earthworm is included to resolve severe congestion. The name Blue Earth Dragon comes from Chinese mythology: this dragon of the East is responsible for generating clouds and making them produce rain, reflecting the syndrome the formula treats. The designation Blue Earth Dragon has a double meaning here. First, earthworm is known as dilong, or earth dragon. The addition of earthworm is intended to treat a condition of stagnant mucus, as often occurs with persistent allergies and sinus infections; stagnant dampness is a characteristic of the “earth” aspect of the Chinese five elements. This formula may be viewed as the combination of three prescriptions: Cinnamon Combination (Guizhi Tang), which treats acute disorders affecting the surface; Citrus and Pinellia Combination (Erchen Tang), which treats phlegm accumulation, and Mahuang and Cimicifuga Combination (Shishen Tang), which treats watery sputum associated with a surface disorder. For chilly conditions in which sinus discharge is not a dominant symptom, one could consider Cinnamon 14; for sinus congestion that is obstinate but not watery, one could consider Platycodon 14 (or, with discharge of coloured mucus, Trichosanthes Fruit Tablets may be appropriate); for phlegm disorders that involve the lungs more than the sinuses, one could consider Pinellia 16.

Pinellia, Ma huang, Schizandra, Cinnamon, Peony, Ginger, Angelica, Licorice Chrysanthemum, Earthworm
Pin Yin
banxia, mahuang, wuweizi, guizhi, baishao, ganjiang, baizhi, gancao, juhua, dilong