C H I H . K O . & . C U R C U M A

General Activities
resolve masses, disperse blood and regulate qi

Sample Indications for Use
tumours, abscesses

To Personalise, Add
Belamcanda 15 for lung tumours
Blue Citrus Tablets for breast tumours
Sparganium 12, Turtle Shell Tablets, or Lindera 15 for uterine tumours and endometriosis
Forsythia 18 for carbuncles and other skin eruptions
Laminaria 4 or Scrophularia 12 for soft tumours
Paris 7 for metastasized tumours
Zedoaria Tablets for hard masses

The duration of therapy depends on numerous factors, especially other methods used and the results attained, and may range from a few weeks to several months.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs of the formula specified here are powdered, and combined with additional extracts of curcuma, agrimony, and subprostrata, then formed into 750 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 or 250 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
This formula was inspired by the Chinese cancer specialist Jia Kun, who wrote the book “Prevention and Treatment of Carcinoma with Traditional Chinese Medicine”.
In that book, he advocated use of a formula called Pingxiao Dan for treating most cancers, to be used along with other formulas according to the cancer type. The first three ingredients of Chih ko/Curcuma are key ingredients of Pingxiao Dan. The original Pingxiao Dan contains some ingredients that are potentially dangerous, including niter, alum, and strychnos. Therefore, these have been deleted and replaced by other herbs that Jia Kun commonly used as adjuncts to Pingxiao Dan in treating tumours. This formula is typical of mass-reducing prescriptions, with herbs that resolve phlegm masses (gleditsia spine, oyster shell) and herbs that resolve static blood (myrrh, frankincense), as well as herbs that eliminate toxins (lonicera, subprostrata). The dosage of Pingxiao Dan recommended by Jia Kun was usually 4.5 grams/day, which would correspond to about 6 tablets per day of the Seven Forests formula; however, because he included some strong toxic ingredients that are not in this tablet, a higher dosage is recommended for many cases, ranging from 6-18 tablets per day. Jia Kun mainly recommended high dosage decoctions to go with Pingxiao Dan, and he treated patients who were not undergoing simultaneous chemotherapy. Chih ko/Curcuma should not be used as an alternative to modern cancer therapies, it may be used for cases not amenable to treatment or while awaiting treatment to commence and for pre-cancerous conditions, such as cervical dysplasia.

Chih ko, Curcuma, Agrimony, Gleditsia spine, Myrrh, Fritillaria, Lonicera, Arca shell, Oyster shell, Sargassum, Inula flower, Prunella, Subprostrata
Pin Yin
zhike, yujin, xianhecao, zaojioci, moyao, zhebeimu, jinyinhua, walengzi, muli, haizao, xuanfhua, xiakucao, shandougen