C I N N A M O N . & . R E H M A N N I A

General Activities
tonify kidney, disperse abdominal mass, resolve phlegm-mass

Sample Indications for Use
ovarian cysts, lipomas

To Personalise, Add
Woman’s Treasure for yang deficiency and blood stasis
Myrrh Tablets for inflammation or blood stasis
Sparganium 12 for accompanying uterine fibroids
Dry Ginger Tablets (prescription only) for severe internal cold
Laminaria 4 for cases of obvious phlegm accumulation
Lindera 15 or Lower Palace Tablets for abdominal pain associated with qi and blood stagnation
Scrophularia 12 for lipomas

This formula is intended for a one month course of therapy, to be repeated once or twice if necessary.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered and formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 tablets

Explanatory Notes
Cinnamon/Rehmannia is based on recent clinical experience in China treating ovarian cysts, a disorder that tends to respond rapidly to herbal treatments (often within one month). The traditional base formula frequently used for this condition is Cinnamon and Rehmannia Combination (Yanghe Tang), a prescription that warms the body to alleviate fluid accumulations. Cinnamon bark is a key warming herb; it is augmented here by herbs that disperse the accumulated fluid, such as sinapis, fritillaria, and laminaria, and herbs that remove stagnated blood, including persica, sparganium, and zedoaria. Rehmannia and antler gelatin are included to balance the spicy and warming cinnamon and psoralea. This formula can be applied to other abdominal masses or even masses under the skin elsewhere (eg, lipomas), so long as the disorder fits the traditional pattern of etiology. The Chinese concept is that coldness of the kidney permits fluids to thicken and accumulate; they can form a soft mass, such as an ovarian cyst. The formula, taken daily, gently but persistently warms up the kidney and, like the warming sun in early spring that melts the snow, melts away the mass. The modern addition to this traditional approach is treatment of blood stasis, a condition that would arise if the coldness was not treated in a timely manner; coldness can lead to blood stasis. While blood circulation will be restored by the warming action of the formula, old static blood must treated. See also: Lower Palace Tablets. For follow-up therapy, consider using Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan (PIne Mountain) (Prescription Only) or Lindera 15 to improve circulation of qi and blood.

Rehmannia, Polygonatum, Antler gelatin, Cinnamon bark, Psoralea, Sinapis, Fritillaria, Laminaria, Persica, Zedoaria, Sparganium
Pin Yin
shudi, huangjing, lujiaojiao, rougui, buguzhi, baijiezi, zhebeimu, kunbu, taoren, ezhu, sanleng