C L E R O D E N D R O N . 6

General Activities
clears heat, reduces swelling, dries dampness, alleviates pain

Sample Indications for Use
arthralgia with hot or swollen joints, skin eruptions, eczema, hypertension

To Personalise, Add
Chiang Huo 13 for arthralgia
Uncaria 6, Chrysanthemum 9, or Albizzia 9 for hypertension
Dictamnus 13 or Kochia 13 for eczema
Tortoise Shell Tablets for yin deficiency
Alisma 16 or Arisaema 10 for accompanying edema
Forsythia 18 or Coix Tablets for skin eruptions

This formula is intended for use during several weeks as a course of treatment; if the inflammation resolves, the herbs can then be discontinued and replaced by another formula.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered, coix and clerodendron dried hot water extracts are added, and the mixture is formed into 750 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Clerodendron 6 is an expansion of two herb formulas for the hot-type and damp-heat type of inflammatory disorders. One formula is Xi Tong Wan, made of the two herbs siegesbekia and clerodendron; these are the main herbs used for arthralgia that involves heat (usually as a wind-damp-heat combination). By contrast, almost all other traditional arthralgia formulas address wind-cold-damp syndromes (see Chiang Huo 13). The other formula is Erxian San, made of two herbs, phellodendron and red atractylodes, used also for damp-heat, with phellodendron mainly treating heat and atractylodes addressing dampness. This combination is recommended for skin diseases (especially eczema) as well as arthritis; unlike other formulas for these diseases, this pair does not involve dispelling wind, and thus is appropriate for chronic ailments due to internal factors. Clerodendron 6 is completed with two additional ingredients, coix and earthworm. Coix is commonly used for clearing dampness and heat and earthworm is used for heat and internal wind; both are used for treatment of arthralgia. The resulting six herb formula is designed especially to treat patients who get red inflamed joints or who more generally experience dampness accumulation (swellings) and inflammation. The ingredients of the formula also help alleviate hypertension: clerodendron and earthworm are especially known for this effect.

Clerodendron (e), Siegesbekia, Coix (e), Earthworm, Phellodendron, Atractylodes
Pin Yin
chouwutong, xiqiancao, yiyiren, dilong, huangbai, cangzhu