C N I D I U M . 9

General Activities
disperses blood, dispels wind, relieves pain

Sample Indications for Use
headaches, especially migraine headaches

To Personalise, Add
Angelica 14 or Chrysanthemum 9 for headaches due to invasion of wind
Gentiana 12 (MCA restricted) for headaches due to liver fire
Gastrodia 9 for headaches due to wind-phlegm
Tang Kuei18 for headaches associated with blood deficiency
Xanthium 12 or Platycodon 14 for sinus congestion and pain
Cyperus 18 for headaches associated with qi stagnation

This formula may be used for treatment of an individual headache, but is also intended to be taken for a course of therapy, one month or more, to prevent headaches.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered and formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 tablets

Explanatory Notes
There are numerous Chinese herbal prescriptions for headaches. For severe headaches, including migraines, the formulas often include blood vitalising herbs, of which cnidium is the dominant ingredient: it nourishes blood, vitalises blood, and dispels wind (the initiator of the headache). In this formula, vitex, schizonepeta, and mentha are used to assist cnidium to dispel wind, silkworm is used to alleviate spasms (and “wind-phlegm”), and tang-kuei, peony, and carthamus are utilised to assist cnidium to nourish and vitalise blood. The formulation was based on research formulas for severe and recalcitrant headache, such as the “obstinate headache formula” and the “cranio-pain decoction,” as well as the traditional Cnidium and Tea Formula (Chuanxiong Chatiao San) designed originally for headaches that accompany the common cold, but which has been found helpful for migraines. Another headache formula, Angelica 14, is comprised mainly of the wind dispelling herbs; it is appropriate to use (in addition to Cnidium 9 or in place of it) at the onset of a headache. If the headache is associated with wind-heat rather than wind-cold, Chrysanthemum 9 can be used. Cnidium 9 contains the blood vitalising herbs that are thought to help address an underlying syndrome that leads to recurrence of headaches in persons with chronic headache problems. Other contributors to headaches are blood deficiency (try Tang Kuei 18, Shou Wu Tablets, or Gui Pi Wan), or wind-phlegm (try Gastrodia 9).

Cnidium, Vitex, Peony, Eupolyphaga, Silkworm, Carthamus, Schizonepeta, Mentha, Tang kuei
Pin Yin
chuanxiong, manjingzi, baishao, zhechong, jiangcan, honghua, jingjie, bohe, danggui