C O M P O U N D . G L

General activities
tonify qi and essence, calm shen, remove toxin, promote digestive functions

Sample Indications for Use
chronic fatigue syndrome, persistent low grade infections (eg sore throat, skin eruptions, vaginal infections), digestive distress related to anxiety

To Personalise, Add
Shen Chu 16 or Gallus Malt for digestive distress
Albizzia 9 or Cyperus 18 for depression
Chiang Huo 13 or Acanthopanax 10 for fibromyalgia
Bupleurum 12 for muscular tension
Salvia/Amber for anxiety attacks
Isatis 6 or Bidens 6 for infection
Picrorrhiza 11 for intestinal candidiasis
Peony 9 for accompanying irritable bowel

This formula is intended to be used for a course of therapy of 2-3 months, which may be repeated if necessary.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered and combined with ganoderma extract, then formed into 750 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 and 250 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Compound GL (GL for Ganoderma lucidum) was devised for patients having a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome, a poorly defined condition that may last for a few months to several years. The dominant complaints are immune deficiency (easy to get an illness and having chronic infections), mental agitation and insomnia (contributing to fatigue and disability, possibly depression), and digestive disturbance (the individual reacts adversely to a number of common foods). Therefore, the formula includes immune tonics with sedative nature (eg ganoderma, ginseng, schizandra), along with other calming herbs (succinum, zizyphus, and polygala), herbs for promoting digestion (pogostemon, atractylodes, ginger), and herbs for alleviating acute symptoms (cyperus, lonicera, hu-chang). Emotional distress and anxiety attacks are common in persons with chronic fatigue; this formula overlaps the anti-anxiety formula Salvia/Amber Tablets with salvia, succinum (amber), zizyphus, and ginseng. The herbs in this formula were selected for their mild nature and the fact that most people, even those with many food sensitivities, tolerate them quite well. Compound GL can be taken in substantial dosage (up to 6 tablets, three times daily) for the initial therapy, following a short trial at low dosage to confirm tolerance and suitability

Ganoderma (ext), Zizyphus, Astragalus, Polygala, Ginger, Salvia, Succinum, Hu chang, Lonicera, Rehmannia, Cyperus, Curcuma, Atractylodes, Ginseng, Peony, Schizandra, Pogostemon
Pin Yin
lingzhi, suanzaoren, huangqi, yuanzhi, ganjiang, danshen, hupo, huzhang, jinyinhua, shudi, xiangfuzi, yujin, baizhu, renshen, baishao, wuweizi, huoxiang