C O R D Y C E P S . 9

General Activities
nourish yin and blood, astringe essence

Sample Indications for Use
chronic asthma, immune deficiency, deteriorating health, sweating due to chronic disease, fatigue with afternoon feverish feeling

To Personalise, Add
Eleuthero 10+ for essence deficiency
Cuscuta 15 to astringe fluid discharge associated with kidney qi deficiency and for steroid withdrawal
Astragalus 16 for chronic coughing with deficiency fire symptoms
Ganoderma 18 for weakness, immune deficiency
Pseudostellaria 9 for dry cough or dry throat
Gecko A or Ginseng 6 for persistent asthma and side effects of steroid drugs

This formula is intended to be used for a course of therapy of 2-3 months, which may be repeated if necessary; suitable for long-term tonic therapy.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered and combined with cordyceps mycelial extract, then formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Cordyceps is a highly respected Chinese tonic that overcomes numerous deficiency conditions. For many centuries, cordyceps has been revered for its ability to treat weakness of the kidney and lung and to revive the essence, but it has not been readily available because it is so rare. As a result, it is not mentioned in traditional prescriptions. Today, cordyceps is cultured and the material can be extracted to yield a high potency product, as used here. Cordyceps 9 is a means of ingesting cordyceps in a supportive formulation that is modelled after modern clinical applications of epimedium and asparagus. This is a balanced pairing of a yang-invigorating herb (epimedium) and a yin nourishing herb (asparagus). The pair is used for disturbed immune functions and weakened hormonal output (especially adrenal and sex hormones); it nourishes the essence, helps overcome lethargy, and deepens the breathing. Asparagus is augmented by rehmannia and ho shou wu to enrich the yin. The astringent herbs terminallia, stalactite (which also tonifies yang), and schizandra are included for stabilising conditions with leaking of kidney essence (eg diseases that are worsening and fail to be controlled by standard therapies). One of the intended applications of this formula is to help patients who have been relying on steroid medications for treating asthma or other inflammatory diseases is their efforts to withdraw from the drugs or lower their dosage. Steroid use weakens the kidney essence, making it difficult to withdraw. See also Epimedium 8 (prescription only).

Cordyceps (ext), Rehmannia, Epimedium, Asparagus, Stalactite, Pseudostellaria, Ho shou wu, Terminalia, Schizandra
Pin Yin
dongchongxiacao, shudi, yinyanghuo, tianmendong, zhongrushi, taizishen, heshouwu, hezi, wuweizi