C U S C U T A . 1 5

General Activities
astringe essence, nourish kidney, reduce discharges

Sample Indications for Use
urinary frequency or incontinence, diabetes, deteriorating health, dry skin

To Personalise, Add
Zizyphus 18 for poor memory
Cordyceps 9, Eucommia 18, Eleuthero 10+ or Restorative Tablets for degenerative diseases with frequent urination
Rehmannia 16 or Morus Fruit Tablets for diabetes tinnitus, and dryness
Gecko A for backache, impotence, and frequent urination
Tortoise Shell Tablets for accompanying deficiency heat

This formula is intended for long-term administration, though some urinary disorders may improve within about one month.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered and formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 or 250 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
This is a kidney essence astringent formulation including tonics for the kidney and liver. It has ingredients similar to those of the traditional Five Seed Pill (Quzi Wan), Hoelen and Cuscuta Formula (Fu Tu Tang), and Lotus Stamen Formula (Jinsuo Gujing Wan). Astringent formulas reduce discharge of fluids, and this formula is particularly useful for the fluids of the genito-urinary system (treating urinary dribbling, frequent urination, leukorrhea, and spermatorrhea). The nature of the herbal ingredients is gently warming; the syndrome of “leakiness” is often associated with cold. However, the disorders requiring astringents might occur in those who tend to have a warm constitutional condition or localised warm disorder. In such cases, the prescription is best given along with a cooling formula, such as Tortoise Shell Tablets or the traditional formula Zhi Bai Dihuang Tang (Pine Mountain). The natural aging process, according to the Chinese dogma, involves depletion of essence. Astringents slow down this depletion and the kidney/liver tonic herbs in the formula (eg rehmannia, cornus, cynamorium, lycium fruit) help replenish the essence; the ingestion of the herbs is potentially useful for improving memory, reducing age-related incontinence, and moistening the skin. Quzi Wan and the current formula are nutritive tonics that can be utilised as “anti-aging” formulas. The seeds are rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Diabetes, usually attributed to weakened kidney essence, may also be addressed by this formula: a characteristic of poorly controlled diabetes is excessive urination.

Cuscuta, Dioscorea, Cornus, Hoelen, Rehmannia, Alisma, Astragalus seed, Plantago seed, Cynamorium, Rose fruit, Lycium fruit, Lotus stamen, Schizandra, Euryale, Rubus
Pin Yin
tusizi, shanyao, shanzhuyu, fuling, shudi, zexie, shayuanzi, cheqianzi, suoyang, jinyingzi, gouqizi, lianxu, wuweizi, qianshi, fupenzi