E C L I P T A . T A B L E T S

General Activities
nourish yin, remove toxin, regulate qi, vitalise blood

Sample Indications for Use
hepatitis, gallbladder inflammation

To Personalise, Add
Salvia Ligustrum for chronic viral hepatitis
Paris 7, Gentiana 12 or Isatis 6 for acute hepatitis
Alisma 16 for accompanying edema
Bupleurum S for stomach distress or abdominal bloating
Tremella 14 for yin deficiency syndrome
Sparganium 12 or Eupolyphaga Tablets for liver fibrosis
Bupleurum 12 for liver/spleen harmonising

This formula is intended for a course of therapy of about three months, possibly extended if only partial success is attained. A high dose of up to 9 tablets each time, three times daily, can be applied for more serious cases.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are extracted in hot water, dried, and the resulting powder is formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 or 250 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Eclipta Tablets is a liver protective and qi regulating formula based on traditional and modern prescriptions for treating hepatitis, gallbladder inflammation, and related abdominal disorders. In general, chronic liver diseases are treated by regulating liver qi, clearing heat and toxin, dispersing stagnant blood, and nourishing the yin of the liver. Eclipta is a yin nourishing herb that has been shown to contain potent anti-inflammatory components benefiting the liver. It is complemented by the yin nourishing fruits ligustrum and lycium. Salvia and curcuma disperse stagnant blood (see Salvia Ligustrum Tablets), while hu chang, scutellaria, and imperata inhibit viruses and clear toxins. Qi regulation is attained by capillaris, bupleurum, and malt. Because chronic liver/gallbladder disorders usually weaken the digestive system, hoelen, atractylodes, and licorice are added. Two other formulations were developed for the initial treatment of most cases of viral hepatitis: Salvia/Ligustrum Tablets and Bupleurum/Gardenia Tablets. Although some ingredients of these formulas are the same as in Eclipta Tablets, the approach to treatment differs. Eclipta Tablets serves the role of a constitutional formula for treatment of liver/gallbladder diseases and for protective effects; while Salvia/Ligustrum and Bupleurum/Gardenia Tablets each have a small number of ingredients to be used in high dosage to have a dramatic effect, mainly on viral hepatitis. Eclipta Tablets may be used as a follow-up treatment for these shorter formulas in order to consolidate the effects and regulate the functions of all the internal organs. For liver cleansing therapy, add Taraxogen (White Tiger).

Eclipta, Ligustrum, Lycium fruit, Capillaris, Bupleurum, Salvia, Curcuma, Hu chang, Scutellaria, Imperata, Hoelen, Atractylodes, Malt, Licorice
Pin Yin
hanliancao, nuzhenzi, gouqizi, yinchenhao, chaihu, danshen, yujin, huzhang, banzhilian, baimaogen, fuling, baizhu, maiya, gancao