E L E U T H E R O . 1 0 +

General Activities
nourish kidney and liver, astringe essence, tonify qi

Sample Indications for Use
disorders associated with aging, such as poor memory, weakness of limbs, reduced sensory functions, sluggish intestinal peristalsis, fatigue

To Personalise, Add
Salvia Shou Wu to counter the effects of stroke and cerebral impairment
Celosia 10 for macular degeneration
Rehmannia 16 for diabetes, tinnitus, and dryness
Restorative Tablets for hormonal deficiencies
Gecko A for backache, impotence, frequent urination
Reconciling Tablets for autoimmune diseases
Antler 8 for bone marrow deficiency

This formula is intended for long-term administration. Allow several weeks regular use to see effects.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered and additional eleuthero extract is added; the mixture is then formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 or 250 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Eleuthero 10+ is characteristic of formulas used for “anti-aging” effects and is based on Kang Bao, an anti-aging remedy used in China. The desired effects are attained by nourishing the kidney essence, promoting spleen functions, nourishing blood, protecting the liver, enhancing blood circulation, and opening the orifices. Eleuthero is a new addition to the Materia Medica that is used for invigorating the organ functions and polygonatum is a qi tonic that also nourishes the essences (it has a moistening nature similar to rehmannia). Most of the other herbs of the formula support these two in nourishing the kidney and liver and tonifying spleen qi. Several herbs were selected for their ability to provide multiple functions relevant to the basic treatment strategy. Hence, for example, cornus and cuscuta nourish the kidney and liver and also serve as astringents to prevent further depletion of essence; crataegus invigorates blood circulation, lowers blood lipids, and aids digestion of foods; broussonetia is used to treat blood deficiency, weakness of the lower body, and cloudy vision; lycium fruit also aids vision. A group of elderly Japanese, members of the White Crane Society in Chicago, tried out Eleuthero 10+ for several weeks and reported numerous benefits, including improved energy, better sleep, and normalisation of digestive functions and bowel conditions. Epimedium 8 (prescription only) may be used as an alternative formulation for persons with obvious yang deficiency, especially when there are seasonal allergies or repetitive inflammatory disorder. Restorative Tablets may be used when yin deficiency is the dominant syndrome.

Eleuthero, Polygonatum, Lycium fruit, Crataegus, Epimedium, Rehmannia, Astragalus, Alpinia, Acorus, broussonetia, Eclipta, Cuscuta, Psoralea, Cornus, Licorice
Pin Yin
ciwujia, huangjing, gouqizi, shanzha, yinyanghuo, shudi, huangqi, yizhiren, shichangpu, chushizi, haliancao, tusizi, buguzhi, shanzhuyu, gancao