G A L L U S . M A L T . T A B L E T S

General Activities
promote digestion, invigorate spleen

Sample Indications for Use
poor appetite, weak digestion, nausea, diarrhea

To Personalise, Add
Shen chu 16 for nausea and other digestive problems
Ginseng 18 for loose stool or diarrhea
Lotus 9 for diarrhea, low body weight, nervousness
Lysimachia 3 for indigestion from gallbladder diseases
Gynostemma Tablets for loss of appetite associated with cancer therapies
Peony 9 for irritable bowel syndrome
Bupleurum S for stomach ache
Eupolyphaga Tablets for weak digestion accompanying liver cirrhosis

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered, combined with mume extract, and formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 tablets

Explanatory Notes
Gallus-Malt Tablets are a means of delivering a moderately high dosage of gallus (chicken gizzard lining; see also Galletaine, White Tiger). This substance has two main applications: promoting the digestive functions of the stomach and breaking down masses (the latter is applied in treating tumours and stones; see Lysimachia 3). In China, gallus is often added to food, such as rice, as a treatment for weak digestion and poor appetite. The supporting herbs in this formula enliven stomach function. Pogostemon is used to “open the stomach”, so that it can easily accept food, and to calm the intestines, so that food is not drained too quickly, before the nutrients can be absorbed. Malt (sprouted barley) contains digestive enzymes, especially useful for aiding the breakdown of starches; it also gently regulates liver qi and settles uprising stomach qi. Mume is an intensely sour plum that stimulates the stomach functions and astringes the intestinal mucosa to produce a smoother passage of the food through the intestines. This formula is intended to treat persons who have low appetite or who experience notable reactions with even small amounts of foods. By contrast, persons who have a good appetite but have adverse responses to ingesting normal or excessively large amounts of food, such as production of phlegm, tiredness, or bloating, would probably benefit more from Shen chu 16, though the two formulas can be combined. Those who tend to get bowel cramping and diarrhea after eating can combine this formula with Peony 9.

Gallus, Malt, Pogostemon, Mume (ext)
Pin Yin
jineijin, maiya, huoxiang, wumei