G A N O D E R M A . 1 8

General Activities
tonify qi ad yang, nourish blood and yin

Sample Indications for Use
weakness following childbirth, surgery, injury, or severe illness, general tonic therapy

To Personalise, Add
Cordyceps 9 for fatigue with shortness of breath
Antler 8 for anaemia due to bone marrow suppression
Restorative Tablets or Recovery Pills for prolonged illness with sweating and mild fever
Ginseng 18 for low body weight and poor appetite
Tang kuei Tablets for menstrual irregularity due to qi and blood deficiency
Epimedium 8 for allergies that occur at older age

This formula may be taken regularly for treatment of internal deficiency and injury. It is an example of a preventive health care approach, as well as treatment for illness.

Manufacturing specifications
Crude herbs are powdered, combined with ganoderma extract, and formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 or 250 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Ganoderma 18 is a general tonic prescription, intended for those who suffer deficiencies of all basic essences (qi, blood, yin, yang), and who may have weakness of several or all organ systems. Such broadly defined patterns may arise from the impact of serious illness, side effects of toxic drug therapies, or debility with aging. However, one can use this formula as a general tonic without having to suffer from substantial health problems; for example, it can be taken to recover from stressful events, for weak immune functions leading to frequent infections, and for treating mild fatigue. The formula is based on the traditional Ginseng Nutritive Combination (Renshen Yangrong Tang), a formula with similar purpose. The unique feature of Ganoderma 18 is the addition of kidney essence tonics: ganoderma, the general tonic herb, with three yang tonics (eucommia, cistanche, epimedium) and three yin/blood tonics (ligustrum, ho shou wu, lycium fruit). Although ganoderma has been known and respected since ancient times, it was always quite rare and therefore not included in widely-used formulas until very recently, when cultivation methods had been developed. This formula is similar to the well-known patent remedy Gejie Dabu Wan (Gecko Great Tonifying Pills), with ganoderma replacing gecko. Unlike Composition A, which is also aimed at nourishing all organ systems, this formula does not have a specific focus on immune-based disorders, but, instead, on physical debility.

Ganoderma (ext), Astragalus, Rehmannia, Cistanche, Peony, Ligustrum, Epimedium, Dioscorea, Tang kuei, Ophiopogon, Atractylodes %5, Ho shou wu, Lycium, Eucommia, Ginseng, Schizandra, Licorice, Citrus
Pin Yin
lingzhi, huangqi, shudi, roucongrong, baishao, nuzhenzi, yinyanghuo, shayao, danggui, maimendong, baizhu, heshouwu, gouqizi, duzhong, renshen, wuweizi, gancao, chenpi