G I N S E N G . 6

General Activities
nourish qi, generate fluids

Sample Indications for Use
fatigue and thirst after illness, asthmatic breathing or shallow breathing, frequent occurrence of illness

To Personalise, Add
Lily 14, Cordyceps 9 or Pseudostellaria 9 for chronic dry cough with severe weakness
Antler 8 for yang deficiency and shallow breathing
Astragalus 16 for weak lungs and persistent feverish feeling
Eleuthero 10+ or Ganoderma 18 to nourish essence in persons with very weak pulse
Astragalus 10+ for immune weakness causing recurrent bronchitis
Recovery Pills for weakness after surgery or injury

This formula is intended for a course of therapy of 3-6 weeks; however, it may be used for longer periods, as a simple ginseng-based tonic.

Manufacturing Specifications
Herbs are powdered and formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 or 250 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Ginseng 6 is based on the traditional formula Shengmai San (Pulse Generating Powder), comprised of ginseng, ophiopogon, and schizandra. Shengmai San is usually given to persons who experience weakness and dryness (eg thirst) following a debilitating disease. In China, it is prepared in many forms, including an oral liquid and IV infusion so that hospital patients can receive the benefits promptly. Variants produced in China include changing the ginseng to American ginseng or pseudostellaria, herbs with similar uses but are more moisturising than ginseng. The basic formula has been modified here by adding pseudostellaria (see Pseudostellaria 9) and including a mix of Chinese and American ginseng. Two other tonics are added: aster and licorice, which help to treat cough and shallow breathing, weak digestion, and deficiency of qi. When using ginseng as a principal ingredient, the dosage is typically 500 mg each time, three times daily, for a total dose of 1.5 grams; this amount can be obtained by taking 3 tablets each time. After recovery from illness, lingering symptoms can be treated by formulas that are specific for the deficiencies encountered; examples are Ginseng 18 for spleen qi deficiency, Rehmannia 16, Tremella 14, or Pseudostellaria 9 for yin deficiency, Gecko A or Eucommia 18 for yang deficiency, and Shou Wu Tablets for blood deficiency. See also Ren Shen Feng Wang Pian (Pine Mountain), which provides ginseng and schizandra.

Ginseng, Ophiopogon, Pseudostellaria, Schizandra, Aster, Licorice
Pin Yin
renshen, maimendong, taizishen, wuweizi, ziyuan, gancao