G Y N O S T E M M A . T A B L E T S

General Activities
tonify qi and yang, nourish blood and yin

Sample Indications for Use
adjunct to cancer therapies, leukopenia

To Personalise, Add
Millettia 9 or Antler 8 to boost bone marrow functions
Shen chu 16 for nausea and bloating associated with cancer therapies
Paris 7 for metastasized cancers
Sparganium 12 for abdominal masses
Blue Citrus Tablets for chest masses

When possible, start therapy with a high dosage decoction or dried decoction and then switch to these tablets after the conditions have stabilised; if starting with tablets, they should be taken in substantial dosage to get the desired results.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are extracted with hot water (all cooked together except gynostemma standardised extract, which is added separately), then made into 750 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 or 250 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Gynostemma Tablets was designed on the basis of modern Chinese methods of complementing Western medical interventions for cancer. The lead herb, gynostemma, was added to the usual Chinese regimen (which typically relies on astragalus and oldenlandia) because it contains a large amount of the same active constituents as in ginseng, but has also been relied upon in Chinese folk medicine for treating cancer. Astragalus and atractylodes, like gynostemma, bolster the qi and, thereby, protect the immune system from the damaging effects of chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery. Oldenlandia is one of the most commonly used anti-cancer herbs prescribed in China and is often included in Fuzheng therapy (rectifying normal qi). The other herbs are included to promote the production of blood cells; for example, the yang tonics psoralea and cuscuta are commonly used to strengthen bone marrow. Inhibition of not only the white cells, but also the red cells and platelets can occur with chemotherapy and radiation. The herbs should be taken as soon as possible after a cancer diagnosis, even before medical treatment starts. They should be continued for a minimum of 4-6 weeks after the intensive medical therapies have been concluded. This formula is produced as a concentrated extract and then tableted, so that a dose of 14-15 tablets per day will provide the equivalent of a decoction made from about 80-90 grams of crude herb. Immune enhancing polysaccharides can be added to the treatment by including Coricepium (White Tiger) and additional gynostemma is obtained by adding Genistemma (White Tiger).

Gynostemma, Astragalus, Oldenlandia, Lycium, Ho shou wu, Tang kuei, Atractylodes, Psoralea, Cuscuta
Pin Yin
jiaogulan, huangqi, baihuasheshecao, gouqizi, heshouwu, danggui, baizhu, buguzhi, tusizi