H A L I O T I S . 1 0

General Activities
nourish liver and kidney, clear heat, settle wind and rising yang, astringe sweating

Sample Indications for Use
menopausal syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome

To Personalise, Add
Tang Kuei Tablets for qi and blood deficiency
Restorative Tablets for more severe liver/kidney deficiency
Anemarrhena Tablets for excessive sweating
Womans Treasure for yang deficiency
Zizyphus 18 for insomnia
Salvia/Amber Tablets for emotional agitation
Nuphar 14 for stagnant qi and damp heat
Chien Li for cataracts and reduced vision

This formula is intended for use over a period of several months

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered and formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 or 250 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Haliotis 10 is based on modern Chinese clinical efforts to control menopausal syndrome, though the formula may be used for other syndromes as well. It is derived from Two Immortals Decoction (Erxian Tang), by replacing phellodendron in that formula with rehmannia and lycium bark to treat deficiency heat of the kidney. Haliotis 10 is aimed at balancing upper warmer heat and lower warmer cold. Haliotis, anemarrhena, lycium bark, and zizyphus control the emotional agitation, sweating, and hot flashes associated with heat of the heart and liver; they settle rising yang, nourish the liver, and clear deficiency heat. Epimedium, morinda, and curculigo tonify the kidney yang; yang deficiency sometimes accompanies the yin and essence deficiency syndrome of menopause and can lead to “floating yang”, a condition of heat rising upward, with coldness of the lower body, including low libido, cold feet, and back ache. These yang tonifying herbs also help treat hypertension associated with menopause (see Epimedium and Curculigo Combination; Modern Formulas). This formula can also be used for chronic fatigue syndrome in persons who suffer from mental agitation, insomnia, and other symptoms that are somewhat like those experienced during menopause that are accompanied by fatigue (in men or women). Iridoid complex (White Tiger) can be used in conjunction with Haliotis 10 to provide the active constituents of the kidney/liver nourishing herbs, such as rehmannia and cornus, found in many traditional formulas for menopause. When there is less evidence of yang deficiency, Restorative Tablets or Tortoise Shell Tablets would be more suitable.

Haliotis, Zizyphus, Lithospermum, Epimedium, Tang kuei, Moutan, Anemarrhena, Morinda, Rehmannia
Pin Yin
shijueming, suanzaoren, zicao, yinyanghuo, danggui, mudanpi, zhimu, baijitian, shudi