I S A T I S . 6

General Activities
clean toxin

Sample Indications for Use
viral infections, sore throat, toxic swellings

To Personalise, Add
Belamcanda 15, Stemona Tablets, or
Trichosanthes Fruit Tablets for lung infections
Forsythia 18 or Ilex 15 for acute infection
Viola 12 or Composition A for chronic viral infection
Gentiana 12 or Bidens 6 for herpes eruption
Chih Ko/Curcuma or Zedoaria Tablets for tumours
Bupleurum/Gardenia Tablets or Salvia Ligustrum Tablets for viral hepatitis

This formula may be used either for short-term therapy in treating an acute ailment or flare-up of chronic viral infection, or for long term application to chronic active infections.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered and formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 or 250 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Isatis 6 was designed on the basis of modern Chinese research into anti-infection activities of herbs, especially virus-inhibiting actions. The active constituents are quite different among the six herbs, with potential for a broad spectrum of action. The herbs were selected for their lack of side effects. This formula has been taken by a large number of people in the US without adverse reaction, even with prolonged daily use (several months) in persons displaying a weak stomach/spleen syndrome. Sometimes, bitter toxin-clearing herbs are not so easily tolerated (as an example, gentiana can cause diarrhea after only a few days regular use). there are other anti-infection herb formulas that can be selected as alternatives to this one, such as Paris 7, Bidens 6, and Patrinia 7. Each of these formulas contains isatis (either the root or the leaf); both Bidens 6 and Isatis 6 contain hu-chang; both Patrinia 7 and Isatis 6 contain lonicera; both Paris 7 and Isatis 6 contain oldenlandia. These herbs are commonly applied to infections and other “toxic” disorders, including tumours, which is why they appear repeatedly in the formulas. The different formulations came from study of slightly different approaches to treatments, but the effects of these herbs are similar. Although anti-toxin herbs and tonic herbs are traditionally considered to be quite different, several of these herbs, including oldenlandia, hu-chang, lonicera, and andrographis, have been shown to have immune enhancing activity, one of the actions expected from tonics.

Isatis, Hu chang, Prunella, Oldenlandia, Andrographis, Loncicera
Pin Yin
daqingye, huzhang, xiakucao, baihuasheshecao, chuanxinlian, jinyinhua