J A D E . S C R E E N . T A B L E T S

General Activities
tonify lung and spleen, resolve phlegm

Sample Indications for Use
prolonged acute ailment (such as bronchitis after influenza) prevention of acute ailments, asthma, inhalant allergies

To Personalise, Add
Xanthium 12 for chronic sinus allergy disorder
Belamcanda 15 for chronic bronchitis
Ginseng 6 for chronic lung weakness
Astragalus 10+ for enhancing immunity and overcoming chronic bronchitis
Lily 14 for respiratory system disorders with dryness

This formula may be used on a regular basis during flu season to prevent illness or for a course of therapy of several days or weeks to treat lingering respiratory ailments.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered, mixed with houttuynia dried hot water extract, and formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 or 250 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Jade Screen Tablets is based on the well-known traditional prescription Jade Screen Formula (Yu Pingfeng San), comprised of astragalus, siler, and atractylodes. The purpose of the ancient formula is to protect one from illness by invigorating the qi and repelling external wind. This formula has been modified to include three herbs indicated for treatment of respiratory diseases. Houttuynia is classified as an antitoxin herb, used to treat infection; glehnia is a yin nourishing herb, primarily used in treatment of lung diseases; centipeda (not to be confused with the insect centipede) is a phlegm resolving herb that has been shown by modern research to inhibit allergy reactions (included in Xanthium 12 for that purpose). One application of Jade Screen Tablets is to treat acute ailments that are converting to chronic ones. For example, one may first experience a common cold or influenza, which then leads to a case of bronchitis (may be treated by Belamcanda 15 or by a shaoyang formula, such as Bupleurum 12); if it persists, a chronic ailment can develop (eg persistent cough, asthmatic breathing, or phlegm accumulation). Jade Screen Tablets help to reinforce the qi, nourish the yin, clear the toxin, and resolve the phlegm, allowing the body to fully recover. This formula differs from other immune-regulating prescriptions, such as Astragalus 10+ which also contains astragalus and atractylodes, in its focus on the wei qi (surface protection; in this case with astragalus plus siler); many of the other immune regulating formulas focus on the deficiency that accompanies liver/kidney weakness with tonics such as ligustrum, ho shou wu, and lycium.

Astragalus, Siler, Atractylodes, Centipeda, Houttuynia (ext), Glehnia, Licorice
Pin Yin
huangqi, fangfeng, baizhu, ebushicao, yuxingcao, beishashen, gancao