K O C H I A . 1 3

General Activities
clear heat, resolve dampness

Sample Indications for Use
psoriasis, eczema, purpura, skin eruptions

To Personalise, Add
Forsythia 18 for flare up of acne, carbuncles, and other skin eruptions
Tang kuei 18 for chronic psoriasis and eczema
Reconciling Tablets for psoriasis or red skin patches
Isatis 6 for skin disorders caused by severe toxic heat syndrome
Zhu Dan Tablets or Zaocys Tablets for severe itching skin
Coix Tablets for continually recurrent boils and acne
Zedoaria Tablets or Dictamnus 13 for severe cases of psoriasis

This formula is intended for a course of therapy of several weeks or months duration, with an expectation of gradual and variable progress.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered and formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 or 250 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Kochia 13 was devised after a detailed examination of traditional and modern Chinese strategies for treatment of skin ailments, particularly psoriasis and eczema. An example of a traditional formula for chronic skin ailments is Tang Kuei and Arctium Combination (Xiaofeng San; Wind Reducing Formula). It has the basic functions of nourishing the blood (which settles internal wind) and clearing wind-heat at the surface. An example of a modern therapeutic formula is Tang Kuei and Mume Combination (Danggui Wume Tang), which includes the ingredients salvia, sophora flower, smilax, kochia, cicada, siler, and licorice; this formula was designed for treatment of psoriasis and reported to be highly effective. Modern research suggests that both psoriasis and eczema may involve auto-immune processes, and that the condition may be exacerbated by allergens and stress hormones. The effects of the herbs on such processes is not fully elucidated, but several of the herbs have been shown to alleviate inflammation. Further, many of these herbs are reported to be useful when applied topically to the affected portion of the skin, suggesting that they have direct inhibitory action on the pathological process in the skin. Some of these herbs have antibiotic activity, so that the formula can be used for skin eruptions due to bacterial infection, especially when combined with other formulas that are directed to that purpose (eg Coix Combination, Forsythia 18). Kochia 13 and Dictamnus 13 have similar functions; the former is more closely allied to the prescriptions used in China for psoriasis; the latter for eczema. For long-standing psoriasis with blood stasis, try Zedoaria Tablets.

Kochia, Smilax, Siler, Sophohra flower, Salvia, Tribulus, Dictamnus, Scrophularia, Cicada, Tokoro, Rehmannia, Platycodon, Licorice
Pin Yin
difuzi, tufuling, fangfeng, huaihua, danshen, baiji, baixianpi, xuanshen, chantui, bixie, shengdi, jiegeng, gancao