L A P I S . 1 6

General Activities
disperse surface congestion, resolve phlegm, lower stomach

Sample Indications for Use
preventing or treating acute ailments, such as common cold, influenza, ear infection, sinusitis, skin rashes and eruptions; also for epilepsy, digestive disorders, and chronic cough

To Personalise, Add
Kochia 13 for eczema and other red skin patches
Pinellia 16 or Trichosanthes Fruit Tablets for lung congestion
Forsythia 18 for skin eruptions
Angelica 14 or Chrysanthemum 9 for head congestion or headache
Ilex 15 for influenza with cough
Platycodon 14 for earache or oral ulceration

This formula may be taken regularly during the cold season as a preventative measure, or for a few days to treat an acute ailment.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered and formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 tablets

Explanatory Notes
Lapis 16 was designed to replace several popular patent remedies for treatment and prevention of acute infections, such &Mac226; as cold, flu, ear infection, and skin rash and for phlegm-wind disorders (eg epilepsy, shoulder bursitis; see Arisaema Tablets and Gastrodia 9). Several popular patent remedies used in China, such as Baoying Dan, Huichun Dan, and Houzao San, are indicated for preventing and treating ailments in children, but they are unavailable due to their inclusion of undesirable ingredients. Lapis 16 includes wind dispelling herbs (siler, mentha, cicada, and arctium), phlegm resolvers (peucedanum, fritillaria, bamboo sap, borneol, and platycodon), and herbs for promoting good digestive function (atractylodes, astragalus, ginger, cardamon, and licorice), The immune formula Yu Pingfeng San (see Jade Screen Tablets) is incorporated here (astragalus, siler, and atractylodes). A unique component of this formulation is lapis, which is used in China to resolve phlegm and settle wind. Lapis 16 differs from other formulas for prevention and treatment of common acute ailments, such as Jade Screen Tablets and Ilex 15 in that it is designed to treat the person who already suffers from a congestive condition that might be due to something other that an acute ailment, such as allergies or excessive mucus congestion from food stagnation. Thus, for people who have persistent sinus congestion, this might be a more suitable preventative remedy than Jade Screen Tablets, while for those who are already ill with a cold or flu, this formula is used when early treatment has not prevented full development of symptoms. For purposes of treating wind-phelgm disorder, it can be combined with a wind settling formula such as Gastrodia 9, or a phlegm-damp cleansing formula, such as Arisaema Tablets.

Lapis, Peucedanum, Fritillaria, Platycodon, Inula flower, Mentha, Cicada, Atractylodes, Siler, Astragalus, Arctium, Bamboo sap, Ginger, Cardamon, Licorice, Borneol
mengshi, qianhu, zhi beimu, jiegeng, xuanfuhua, bohe, chantui, baizhu, fangfeng, huangqi, niubangzi, tianzhuhuang, ganjiang, sharen, gancao, bingpian