L O T U S . 9

General Activities
nourish spleen and kidney, astringe drainage, resolve moisture

Sample Indications for Use
weak digestion, diarrhea, low body weight, agitation, insomnia, frequent urination

To Personalise, Add
Ginseng 18 for chronic diarrhea
Pinellia 16 for moist cough following meals
Shen chu 16 for weak digestion
Alisma 16 for watery diarrhea, abdominal bloating and indigestion
Cuscuta 15 for urinary frequency associated with kidney qi weakness
Fu shen 16 for nervousness and insomnia
Gallus-Malt Tablets for poor appetite
Atractylodes Tablets for chronic diarrhea

This formula may be used for several weeks or months; it is a mild, food-like combination

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered and formed into 700 mg tablets, 100 tablets per bottle

Explanatory Notes
Lotus 9 is a derivative of Dioscorea Combination (Sishen Tang), made with lotus seed, dioscorea, euryale, hoelen, and coix. It is used to promote digestion, drain dampness, and calm agitation. The formula is modified by adding additional herbs to promote digestion: codonopsis, dolichos, crataegus, ginger, and licorice. This mild tonic is suitable for treating children and for persons who tend to be hypersensitive to foods or to their environment. Several of the ingredients are commonly used in China as foods, and all of them enter into certain Chinese food preparations. This formula has a supplementing effect that may be helpful for persons who have suffered the consequences of inadequate nutrition due to overly restrictive diets (including many modern vegetarian diets), anorexia nervosa, weight loss programs, or “cleansing” regimes (including excessive use of laxatives). A mixture of herbs to be cooked with chicken soup, including lotus seeds, dioscorea, codonopsis, and other tonics, can also be used with the same purpose. Lotus 9 differs from Ginseng 18, which also promotes digestion and drains dampness, in that the latter has several herbs for dispersing stagnation (eg saussurea, pinellia, magnolia bark, cinnamon). Lotus 9 is used for an individual who is drained or weakened, while Ginseng 18 is used by an individual who has bloating and dampness accumulation. For additional digestive system support, see Gallus-Malt Tablets and Galletaine (White Tiger)

Lotus seed, Euryale, Dioscorea, Dolichos, Hoelen, Crataegus, Codonopsis, Licorice, Ginger
Pin Yin
lianzi, qianshi, shanyao, baibiandou, fuling, shazha, dangshen, gancao, ganjiang