L O T U S . L E A F . T A B L E T S

General Activities
remove food congestion, resolve phlegm-damp

Sample Indications for Use
fatty liver disease, hyperlipidemia, bloating, constipation, puffiness, obese constitution

To Personalise, Add
Laminaria 4 for lumps comprised of fat accumulations
Alisma 16 for accompanying edema
Salvia Shou Wu or Shou Wu Tablets for elevated cholesterol and triglycerides
Rhubarb 17 for accompanying chronic constipation
Shen Chu 16 for tiredness or phlegm accumulation after meals
Diagnostic Tablets for abdominal bloating, constipation and fatigue
Bupleurum/Gardenia Tablets for fatty liver or cirrhosis

This formula is intended to be used for several months to help rectify problems related to fats.

Manufacturing Specifications
Hot water extract of the formula is dried and formed into 750 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 and 250 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Lotus Leaf Tablets is based on modern Chinese research into the treatment of lipid accumulation, including fatty liver, hyperlipidemia, and problems associated with obese constitution. The five herbs of this formula are among the most frequently used and widely researched items for these purposes. Lotus Leaf is traditionally used to treat summer heat-dampness disorders, which usually manifest as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea; it is also diuretic. Crataegus is used to aid digestion of fats; it also vitalises blood circulation. Alisma is used to drain excess moisture and aid solubilisation of fats. Together, these herbs clear the phlegm-dampness syndrome that often accompanies obese constitution. Although ho shou wu is usually viewed as a blood nourishing agent, its role here is to help prevent the absorption of excess lipids, especially cholesterol, and promote elimination of blood lipids. Similarly, cassia seed is known as a laxative herb, but in this formula its dosage is small enough that there should b no substantial laxative effect; rather, it inhibits absorption of excess fats (together, ho shou wu and cassia seed may have a mild laxative action suitable for chronic constipation, but these usually will not affect those who do not suffer from constipation). For regulation of fat metabolism, see also Cartaequin (White Tiger; contains additional crataegus) and Alpha Curcumone (White Tiger, provides ginseng and curcuma). Although Chinese physicians recommend the herbs of Lotus Leaf Tablets to help persons who are trying to lose weight, there is no firm evidence that they can cause weight loss by themselves; they may help rectify the lipid imbalances associated with obesity, however.

Lotus leaf, Crataegus, Alisma, Ho shou wu, Cassia seed
Pin Yin
heye, shanzha, zexie, heshouwu, juemingzi