N U P H A R . 1 4

General Activities
disperses qi and blood, clear heat

Sample Indications for Use
blood heat disorders, including premenstrual syndrome, perimenopausal syndrome, hepatitis, uterine bleeding, leukorrhea, acne, anxiety

To Personalise, Add
Tang Kuei 18 for blood deficiency and abdominal aching
Gentiana 12 for intense heat syndrome or pelvic inflammation
Lotus 9 for weak digestion and nervousness
Cyperus 18 for anxiety and abdominal bloating
Myrrh Tablets for sharp abdominal pain
Zhu Dan Tablets for constipation, abdominal bloating, and itching skin

This formula may be used for long term therapy in harmonising liver and spleen, regulating circulation of qi and blood, and clearing heat.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered, combined with nuphar and ginger extracts, then formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 and 250 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Nuphar 14 is a derivative of Bupleurum and Peony Formula (Jiawei Xiaoyao San; see Ancient and Modern Formulas), a prescription used for regulating the flow of qi (based on Xiaoyao San) and clearing heat (with moutan and gardenia). Bupleurum and Peony formula is modified here by adding cyperus and chih-shih as additional qi regulating herbs, raw rehmannia to further aid in clearing heat, and salvia, achyranthes, and cnidium for vitalising blood. Nuphar is included as a key herb for the purpose of aiding the treatment of emotion-caused disorders and protecting the stomach/spleen from the dispersing and cooling therapy. Nuphar is a close relative of lotus, and used as a folk remedy in southern China and in Japan; it is described in Oriental Materia Medica as having these applications: “postpartum bleeding, sedative for nervous women, common cold, stomach tonic”. Post-partum bleeding, and other cases of uterine bleeding, are addressed by cooling the blood (see Imperata 10); fibroid-relating bleeding, which usually occurs in perimenopausal women, may be addressed by this formula as well. Sedative action is conferred by the basic Bupleurum and Tang Kuei Formula contained within this prescription, which is available as a patent remedy sometimes called “Bupleurum Sedative Pills”. Ginger and licorice help to promote stomach functions. This formula may be compared with Lindera 15, which is also used to regulate qi and vitalise blood; Nuphar 14 is indicated when there are signs of heat and/or bleeding.

Nuphar, Moutan, Bupleurum, Cyperus, Salvia, Mentha, Gardenia, Chih shih, Achyranthes, Rehmannia, Cnidium, Peony, Licorice, Ginger
Pin Yin
chuangu, mudanpi, chaihu, xiangfuzi, danshen, bohe, zhizi, zhishi, niuxi, shengdi, chuanxiong, baishao, gancao, shengjiang