O M P H A L I A . 1 1 . ( p r e s c r i p t i o n . o n l y )

General Activities
remove parasites, strengthen spleen

Sample Indications for Use
intestinal parasites (mainly worms, possibly amoebas)

To Personalise, Add
Ginseng 18 for chronic diarrhea
Bupleurum S for abdominal bloating
Alisma 16 for accompanying edema
Zhu Dan Tablets for persisting parasites and invasion of the bile duct
Lotus 9 for low body weight due to chronic parasitic problems
Picrorrhiza 11 for amoebic parasites and yeasts

This formula is intended for regular use during travel to areas of concern as a preventative, or for a course of treatment of about three weeks when parasites are already present. Use the bulk powder to administer higher doses.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered and formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 and 250 tablets; also produced as a bulk powder.

Explanatory Notes
Omphalia 11 was designed as an anthelmintic formula. All the ingredients, except the stomach/spleen aids codonopsis, atractylodes, ginger, and licorice, are reputed to treat intestinal parasites, mainly worms. The ingredients were selected for their non-toxic nature (there are many toxic antiparasitic herbs that one could choose instead), and for their repeated use in formulas for treating a wide range of worm diseases. Users of this formula have claimed that it also protects from giardia (an amoeba), which is a possibility, though this in not the reputation of the individual ingredients. The basic methods of use are to take the formula before meals as a preventative when travelling (or when for any other reason one may be consuming potentially contaminated food beverages), and to use a higher dosage to treat an existing case of parasites. The precise dosing schedule for the latter is not well established and may vary for the parasite type. In general, one undertakes a course of daily therapy at high dosage (at least 6 tablets before each meal) for about 10 days, and then one can take an optional break for about a week, followed by an additional course of 10 days. This pattern may be repeated if necessary. Some Chinese doctors also recommend using a purgative (eg rhubarb-based formula), especially after using these antiparasitic formulas for a few days, with the idea of flushing out the weakened and detached worms.