P A R I S . 7

General Activities
clean toxin

Sample Indications for Use
cancer, viral hepatitis or other chronic viral infections, lung infections

To Personalise, Add
Patrinia 7 for multiple infections
Chih Ko & Curcuma for tumours
Eclipta Tablets for viral hepatitis
Viola 12 for chronic infection with anaemia
Gentiana 12 for herpes eruption
Gynostemma Tablets for treatment of metastasised cancer, using chemotherapy and herbs.

This formula is intended for a course of therapy lasting about three months in the treatment of chronic viral infections or cancer; this course may be repeated as deemed necessary.

Manufacturing Specifications
Dried hot water extract of the formula is formed into 750 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 and 250 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Paris 7 was designed to have two dominant uses: treating patients with cancer and treating chronic viral diseases, such as hepatitis. The ingredients were selected for their broad spectrum of action and lack of side effects. Each of the ingredients has been indicated as useful for both viral hepatitis and cancer. It is not too surprising to find this overlap: chronic viral diseases involve integration of the virus into DNA, and the DNA must be activated in order for the virus to then be expressed. Cancer cells have a DNA segment that causes the uncontrolled reproduction of cells; it must also be activated. Therefore, it is possible that the herbs prevent activation of dormant DNA strands that can cause disease. A common generalised treatment for cancer in China is to give equal amounts of oldenlandia and scutellaria, which are included in this formula. This type of preparation is normally delivered to patients as a high dosage decoction. The closest version in tablet form is to make a concentrated hot water extract of the ingredients, as is done here, and prescribe the tablets in large dosages. This formula has been utilised for long periods of time by some individuals without any apparent adverse effects; the herbs do not cause weakening of the stomach/spleen functions. Oxymatrine (White Tiger), used for cancer and hepatitis, may be given along with this formula to boost the dose of active ingredients in subprostrata. Several of the herbs are considered especially useful for treating lung infections, which is another application of the formula. Paris 7 should not be considered an alternative to modern cancer therapies, but may be used as an adjunct or when those therapies are not offered.

Paris, Houttuynia, Scutellaria, Oldenlandia, Isatis leaf, Subprostrata, Sankezhen
Pin Yin
zaoxiu, yuxingcao, banzhilian, baihuasheshecao, daqingye, shandougen, sankezhen