P A T R I N I A . 7

General Activities
clear heat, clean toxin

Sample Indications for Use
infections, especially bacterial infections

To Personalise, Add
Pyrrosia 14 for urinary tract infection
Gentiana 12 for vaginal infection
Isatis 5 for sore throat
Forsythia 18 or Coix Tablets for skin abscesses
Prunella 8 for breast abscess
Chien-li Tablets for sinus infection or tooth abscess
Picrorrhiza 11 for intestinal infection
Viola 12 or Scrophularia 12 for lymph swelling
Myrrh Tablets for persisting abscess

This formula is intended for a course of therapy of about 10-20 days to treat an infection. This course may need to be repeated.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered and combined with extract of echinops the formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Patrinia 7 is an adaptation of a modern clinical formula, Wuwei Xiaodu Yin (Five Ingredient Toxin-cleansing Remedy), used for treating bacterial infections. That formula includes viola, taraxacum, lonicera, chrysanthemum, and semiaquilegia; the latter ingredient is not readily available and is replaced here by the substitute herb echinops. Echinops is commonly used to treat skin eruptions and acute mastitis. Patrinia and isatis leaf, used for treating infections, have been added. Patrinia is increasingly relied upon in modern Chinese practice, especially for bacterial infections that produce an abscess. It is said to have blood vitalising properties as well as anti-infection properties and is applied topically or taken internally. The resulting prescription is suitable for a wide range of infections. Because Wuwei Xiaodu Yin is widely used for bacterial infections, Patrinia 7 is recommended as the formula to try first if it is known that the infection is bacterial; this is usually indicated by coloured discharge and confirmed by laboratory test. Combining Patrinia 7 with Myrrh Tablets or Zedoaria Tablets may help in the treatment of persisting bacterial infections that are not responsive to antibiotic therapy. One reason for the lack of response to standard therapy is that the infecting organism is able to block the entrance of immune system components and antibiotics; the blood vitalising herbs may help break through that blockage. Patrinia 7 should be utilised at high dosage and continued until the infection is gone. It may be used along with antibiotics, but is only needed if the antibiotics are insufficiently effective by themselves.

Patrinia, Viola, Taraxacum, Lonicera, Isatis leaf, Chrysanthemum, Echinops
Pin Yin
baijiangcao, zihuadiding, pugongying, jinyinhua, daqingye, yejuhua, loulu