P E R I L L A . S E E D . T A B L E T S

General Activities
settle uprising qi, ventilate lungs, tonify kidney and lung

Sample Indications for Use
asthma, chronic coughing

To Personalise, Add
Gecko A for qi and yang deficiency
Pinellia 16 for accompanying phlegm accumulation
Cordyceps 9 for yin deficiency and immune weakness
Paris 7 for asthma induced by acute infection
Blue Earth Dragon for asthma of cold nature
Xanthium12 for allergy

This formula is suitable for long term administration in cases of chronic asthma, or it can be taken in higher dosage for a short time for acute cases.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered, except for cordyceps extract that is added, and the mixture is formed into tablets of 700 mg. Bottling of 100 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Perilla Seed Tablets is a formula based on traditional and modern Chinese herbal therapies for asthma, such as the ancient Perilla Fruit Combination (Suzi Jiangqi Tang; Perilla Lower the Qi Decoction) and the modern Dingchuan San (Anti-asthmatic Powder). The formula has the functions of ventilating the lungs (apricot seed, peucedanum, magnolia bark), settling the counterflow of qi (perilla seed, inula flower), tonifying the kidney and lung (cordyceps, gecko), astringing/moisturising the lungs (schizandra, mume) and tonifying qi (codonopsis, atractylodes, licorice). This formula is especially suitable for treatment of chronic asthma, as this syndrome is thought to involve deficiency of kidney, spleen, and lung. There are other formulas available with similar applications, such as Pinellia 16, Gecko A, Epimedium 8, and Cordyceps 9. Pinellia 16 is more appropriate when there is evidence of phlegm excess; Gecko A is appropriate when there is notable yang deficiency; Epimedium 8 is appropriate for seasonal allergies in the elderly; and Cordyceps is especially useful when there is significant kidney essence deficiency as occurs after chronic use of steroid-based drugs. Asthma often begins during childhood, but it can initiate at any time, often as the result of exposure to an environmental irritant or from a highly stressful event that affects the emotions, and this formula is designed for the initial stages (mild wheezing, intermittent problem) as well as chronic asthma (wheezing partially controlled by drugs; more persistent). See also: Ping Chuan Pian (Pine Mountain).

Perilla seed, Schizandra, Apricot seed, Mume, Ma-huang, Magnolia bark, Codonopsis, Atractylodes, Cordyceps, Gecko, Inula flower, Peucedanum, Licorice
Pin Yin
zisuzi, wuweizi, xingren, wumei, mahuang houpo, dangshen, baizhu, dongchongxiacao, gejie, xuanfuhua, qianhu, gancao