P I N E L L I A . 1 6

General Activities
disperse phlegm, resolve stagnant qi, ventilate lungs

Sample Indications for Use
asthma, bronchitis, excess phlegm, chronic coughing

To Personalise, Add
Xanthium 12 for allergic asthma or hay fever
Perilla Seed Tablets for lung weakness since childhood
Cyperus 18 for asthmatic breathing due to anxiety
Zhu Dan Tablets for excessive sputum related to gallbladder disorders
Gecko A or Epimedium 8 for kidney-deficiency type asthma
Belamcanda 15, Trichosanthes Tablets, or Stemona Tablets for productive bronchitis
Rhodiola 8 for lung heat with deficient qi

This formula may be used for a few days in treating an acute ailment, or in long-term therapy for chronic coughing or phlegm excess.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered and formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 and 250 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Pinellia 16 is a derivative of traditional formulas for lung diseases, including Platycodon and Fritillaria Combination (Qingfei Tang) and Ma-huang and Magnolia Combination (Shen Mi Tang), and of formulas for resolving phlegm, such as Citrus and Pinellia Combination (Erchen Tang; see Pine Mountain) and Three Seed Combination (Sanzi Yangqin Tang). These formulas all treat cough, asthma, bronchitis, and other lung disorders in which there is accumulation of sputum (as opposed to dry cough; see Lily 14). The formula ventilates the lungs (platycodon, apricot seed, magnolia bark), clears phlegm (pinellia, citrus fritillaria, bamboo, sinapis, raphanus), and alleviates coughing (perilla fruit, morus bark, schizandra). Pinellia 16 can serve as a constitutional formula for persons who chronically or repeatedly have an excess of phlegm. Unlike some of the other formulas for asthmatic breathing due to deficiency (eg Gecko A, Epimedium 8, Cordyceps 9), this formula does not include kidney tonic herbs; these formulas could be added to Pinellia 16 when kidney yang deficiency contributes to the syndrome. When phlegm excess is due to improper diet and weak function of stomach/spleen, one may add digestive formulas (see Shen Chu 16). If there is infection, Belamcanda 15, Stemona Tablets, or Trichosanthes Fruit Tablets could be used instead or added. Wheezing and phlegm accumulation that occurs acutely in response to an allergen might be treated by Blue Earth Dragon, while Pinellia 16, alone or with Xanthium 12 might be used to treat persisting allergic problems.

Pinellia, Citrus, Ma-huang, Platycodon, Fritillaria, Bamboo, Bupleurum, Apricot seed, Magnolia bark, Ophiopogon, Morus, Tussilago, Schizandra, Ginger, Licorice, Perilla seed
Pin Yin
banxia, chenpi, mahuang, jiegeng, zhe beimu, zhuli, chaihu, xingren, houpo, maimendong, sangbaipi, kuandonghua, wuweizi, ganjiang, gancao, zisuzi