P L A N T A G O . S E E D . T A B L E T S

General Activities
clear dampness and damp-heat, clean toxin, vitalise blood

Sample Indications for Use
lower body inflammation and infection, including: athelete’s foot, skin eruptions or ulcerations on the legs, prostatitis, leukorrhea, hemorrhoids

To Personalise, Add
Gentiana 12 for damp-heat in the liver channel
Alisma 16 for edematous swellings
Patrinia 7 for bacterial infection
Clerodendron 6 for hot, swollen knees
Viola 12 for leg ulcerations and lymphatic nodules
Myrrh Tablets for blood stasis and varicose veins
Stemona Tablets or Dictamnus 13 for exudative eczema

This formula in intended for use over a few days or weeks to treat damp-heat manifestations; should be followed up by appropriate constitutional formulas.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered and the mixture is formed into 750 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Plantago Seed Tablets is based on Wushen Tang (Decoction of Five Miraculous Herbs) to which centella has been added. Wushen Tang was first described in Qing Dynasty texts for damp-heat swellings, especially for carbuncles at the back of the leg at the knee crease. It has been adopted in Chinese dermatology to treating athlete’s foot and other manifestations of damp-heat in the lower body. Plantago seed and hoelen (in this case, red hoelen, which is the outer portion used for clearing heat and dampness) remove the damp excess; lonicera and viola resolve toxic heat, and cyathula treats blood stasis. Centella, a herb more widely used in India than in China, is traditionally used for skin ailments of the damp-heat type (it has been used, for example, as a remedy for leprosy). The formula can also be used for damp-heat that is forced upward, especially that affecting the eyes, for which plantago seed is a standard remedy: when there is redness of the eyes (combine with Gentiana 12) or glaucoma (combine with Celosia 10). The formula might be used for mastitis (combine with Blue Citrus Tablets or Patrinia 7) or lymph node swelling (combine with Scrophularia 12 or Viola 12). When treating athelete’s foot, a topical preparation should also be used; the modern topical drug products are safe and effective so they need not be substituted by topical herbs due to the short duration of therapy. For prostatitis, this formula can be combined with Serageum (White Tiger); for Hemorrhoids, it can be combined with Hua Zhi Ling (Pine Mountain).

Plantago seed, Hoelen, Lonicera, Viola, Cyathula, Centulla
Pin Yin
cheqianzi, chifuling, jinyinhua, zihuadiding, chuanniuxi, jixuecao