P R U N E L L A . 8

General Activities
clear deficiency heat, resolve swelling, tonify qi and blood

Sample Indications for Use
hyperthyroidism, breast lumps, lymph node swelling, abscesses

To Personalise, Add
Blue Citrus Tablets, Schrophularia 12, or Viola 12 for mastitis or chronic lymphatic swelling
Cyperus 18 for depression, agitation, and phlegm obstruction
Fu shen 16 for insomnia and heart palpitations associated with hyperthyroidism
Laminaria 4 for soft lumps.

This formula may be taken for several weeks in treatment of hyperthyroidism or other swellings; the dosage may need to be high (eg 6 tablets each time)

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered and then additional prunella extract is added; the mixture is formed into 750 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Prunella 8 is based on modern Chinese clinical treatments for hyperthyroid condition, which is ultimately based on the therapies for resolving lumps. The Chinese concept involves the following: there is an underlying deficiency of qi and yin that is at the basis of the disease (treated here by astragalus and ho shou wu); the secondary manifestation is deficiency heat (treated here by raw rehmannia, peony, and moutan) the swelling (treated by prunella, cyperus, and sinapis). One result of this syndrome is a thyroid enlargement associated with hyperthyroidism; the same underlying syndrome can cause other swellings, such as breast lumps and lymph node swelling, and other chronic heat syndromes, such as hyperactivity, sore throat, low grade fever. This particular formula is similar to Astragalus and Ho Shou Wu Combination (Yiqi Yangyin Tang), a therapy that had been reported in the Chinese literature as being effective for hyperthyroidism in numerous patients. Because thyroid diseases are sometimes rapidly progressive or are not diagnosed until far progressed, it is recommended for most cases that therapy begins with a formula prepared by decoction or using dried decoctions for at least one month to get a high dosage, with the tablet formula used for more convenient long-term treatment. Similarly, for other swellings, and in cases of more severe disease, begin with the decoction form and follow-up with the tablet. If this is not acceptable for the individual using the herbs, then the tablets should be used in large amounts, such as 6 tablets three times daily.

Prunella, Astragalus, Ho shou wu, Peony, Rehmannia, Cyperus, Mouutan, Sinapis
Pin Yin
xiakucao, huangqi, heshou wu, baishao, shengdi, xiangfuzi, mudanpi, baijiezi