P U E R A R I A . 1 0

General Activities
dispel wind, regulate wei and ying, vitalise blood, circulate stagnated liver qi

Sample Indications for Use
muscular pain, especially in the upper body

To Personalise, Add
Upper Palace Tablets for pain due to blood stasis
Angelica 14 or Chiang Huo 13 for pain due to wind-chill or rheumatism
Chrysanthemum 9 for neck pain due to wind-heat
Myrrh Tablets for pain due to carbuncle
Liquidambar 15 for arthralgia of the spine
Ilex 15 for cold and influenza with aching muscles
Platycodon 14 for sinus or ear infection

This formula is intended for short-term use, a few weeks at most, in treating an acute ailment or flare-up of a chronic ailment.

Manufacturing Specifications
Extracts of pueraria and fresh ginger are combined with powdered crude herbs, then formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Pueraria 10 is a combination of key ingredients from three formulas that are indicated for stiffness and pain in the muscles of the upper body (scapula region, shoulders, neck): Bupleurum and Pueraria Combination (Chai Ge Jieji Tang), Pueraria Combination (Gegen Tang), and Chiang-huo and Turmeric Combination (Juanbi Tang). Pueraria, from the first two of these formulas (both described in the Shanghan Lun) is considered a specific agent for treating this part of the body, based on text passages suggesting that by adding this ingredient to another formula, the treatment of stiffness and pain in the upper back and shoulders is added to the indications. Turmeric, the main blood vitalising agent in the formula (assisted by tang kuei, peony, and cinnamon), is often selected for upper body pain syndromes due to blood stasis. While the original prescriptions upon which Pueraria 10 was based were aimed at treating symptoms resulting from invasion of exogenous pathogenic factors (ie wind and cold), this formula is also suited to the treatment of pain due to injuries, such as whiplash, and for disorders due to long-term poor posture, such as frozen shoulder. Pueraria 10 has a formulation similar to Bupleurum & Cinnamon Combination (Chaihu Guizhi Tang), another Shanghan Lun prescription, which was modified by adding pueraria to produce a therapy for “chiropractic syndrome”, the problem of having tension in the spinal area, as if in repeated need of adjustment. After using Pueraria 10 to relieve the strains in the spine and neck area, Bupleurum 12 can be used as the constitutional formula for long term therapy.

Peuraria, Ma-huang (ext), Cinnamon twig, Peony, Chiang-huo, Turmeric, Tang kuei, Siler, Ginger, Licorice
Pin Yin
gegen, mahuang, guizhi, baishao, qianghuo, jianghuang, danggui, fangfeng, ganjiang, gancao