R E C O V E R Y . P I L L S

General Activities
vitalise qi and blood

Sample Indications for Use
post-surgical recovery, recovery from childbirth or injury chronic fatigue, stiffness of the legs, paralysis

To Personalise, Add
San Qi 17 for treatment of extensive tissue damage or bruising
Ganoderma 18 for weakness
Restorative Tablets for feverish feeling
Compound GL for chronic fatigue with body aches
Chiang Huo 13 for chronic arthralgia
Upper Palace Tablets for recovery from chest injury
Cyperus 18 for persistent body pains of unknown origin
Tang Kuei Tablets to restore blood after extensive bleeding

This formula is intended to be used for several days or weeks to aid recovery. It is not harmful to use for longer term.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered and blended with pine node extract; the mixture is then formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Recovery Pills is a formula based on a medical liquor used in Japan called Yomeishu (in turn based on a Chinese formulation, Yangmai Jiu, Pulse-Invigorating Wine) that was reported to aid recovery from gynaecological surgeries. The formula is also modelled after Renshen Zaizao Wan (Ginseng Recovery Pills), a complex patent formula with more than 50 ingredients used for treating weakness, pain, and impaired mobility. The basic method of therapy is vitalise circulation of qi (cyperus, lindera) and blood (turmeric, leonurus, san-chi, carthamus, myrrh, tang-kuei, peony). In this way, the tissue damage recovers, stiffness is alleviated, and the person can get back to normal quickly. Surgery, injuries, and childbirth all cause some disruption of the normal blood circulation. Therefore, a blood vitalising combination is usually suggested. Other formulas, such as San Qi 17, Lindera 15, and Myrrh Tablets are also suitable for use; this formula is especially useful for those suffering from deficiency, with its inclusion of tonics such as ginseng, rehmannia, eucommia, and epimedium. Often, surgery is carried out after a period of illness, or it entails a long hospital stay, during which time nutritional status may be impaired. Further, loss of blood can lead to temporary blood deficiency condition, so additional tonics may be needed, such as Ganoderma 18 or Wu Ji Bai Feng Pian, Pine Mountain). Recovery Pills are also suitable for treating stiffness of the legs due to chronic impaired circulation and aging; it has characteristics of the patent Da Huoluo Dan, indicated for paralysis.

Rehmannia, Ginseng, Peony, Siler, Turmeric, Leonurus, Eucommia, Pine node, Tang kuei, San-chi, Cyperus, Carthamus, Cinnamon bark, Epimedium, Lindera, Pogostemon, Myrrh, Clove
Pin Yin
shudi, renshen, baishao, fangfeng, jianghuang, yimucao, duzhong, songjie, danggui, sanqi, xiangfuzi, honghua, rougui, yinyanghuo, wuyao, huoxiang, moyao, dingxiang