R E H M A N N I A . 1 6

General Activities
moisten dryness, nourish yin, clear deficiency heat

Sample Indications for Use
yin deficiency syndrome, which may include dryness, heat sensation, chronic inflammation, and insomnia

To Personalise, Add
Anemarrhena Tablets for fire syndrome: fever, sweating and inflammation
Tremella 14 for dryness of secretions
Restorative Tablets or Haliotis 10 for night sweating
Pseudostellaria 9 for Sjogren’s syndrome
Reconciling Tablets for autoimmune disease with yin deficiency
Chien li Tablets for dryness of the eyes

This formula is intended to be used for long-term adjustment of the yin, which may require several months of consistent use.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered and formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 and 250 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Rehmannia 16 is a generalised yin nourishing and moisturising formula. It is primarily based on the traditional Anemarrhena, Phellodendron, and Rehmannia Formula (Zhi Bai Di Huang Tang; see Pine Mountain) that nourishes the yin of the kidney and liver and clears deficiency heat. It is modified by adding additional herbs for nourishing yin and moisturising dryness (lycium fruit, trichosanthes root, ophiopogon, asparagus, schizandra, yu-chu). Also, eucommia and achyranthes have been added to nourish the kidney and liver and strengthen the root. The intent of this formula, compared to others indicated for yin deficiency, is to address deficiencies that affect all three “burners”. Yin deficiency of the lower burner refers to liver/kidney deficiency; of the middle burner refers to stomach yin deficiency; and of the upper burner refers to lung/heart deficiency. The three burners are all affected when there has been a chronic disease that either started with an acute ailment in the upper burner and worked its way down and into the deepest parts of the body, or when an internal disorder, usually starting with deficiency in the lower and/or middle burner, projects upward. Examples of disorders that fit this description are chronic diabetes, chronic sore throat and oral ulceration, and Sjogren’s syndrome (see also Pseudostellaria 9). Alternative yin nourishing formulas that include herbs for deficiency fire are Tortoise Shell Tablets (for liver/kidney deficiency) and Restorative Tablets (for liver/kidney deficiency with qi deficiency).

Rehmannia, Lycium fruit, Eucommia, Trichosanthes, Anemarrhena, Ophiopogon, Achyranthes, Asparagus, Moutan, Alisma, Hoelen, Phellodendron, Cornus, Licorice, Schizandra, Dioscorea
Pin Yin
shudi, gouqizi, duzhong, tianhuafen, zhimu, maimendong, niuxi, tianmendong, mudanpi, zexie, fuling, huangbai, shanzhuyu, gancao, wuweizi, shanyao