R H O D I O L A . 8

General Activities
clear lung heat, resolve phlegm, disperse stagnant qi, vitalise blood circulation

Sample Indications for Use
chronic lung inflammation, coughing, shortness of breath, cardiovascular disease

To Personalise, Add
Eleuthero 10+ or Cordyceps 9 for lung diseases in the elderly
Perilla Seed Tablets for asthmatic breathing
Trichosanthes Fruit Tablets for dark coloured or blood-tinged sputum
Astragalus 16 for accompanying fever and sweating
PInellia 16 or Blue Earth Dragon for copious sputum
Vitality Tablets for congestive heart failure

This formula may be used for long-term treatment of persistent lung or cardiovascular disorders.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered, except the items indicated as extracts, and the mixture is formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Rhodiola 8 is based on Tibetan herbal formulas for treating lung inflammation. Rhodiola has been the subject of considerable research for its adaptogenic effects, being considered somewhat similar in its nature to ginseng, eleuthero, gynostemma, schizandra, and other tonic herbs (all of those also used to treat lung and cardiac disorders). Hippophae has also been the subject of much modern investigation, which has shown that it has blood vitalising effects, somewhat like those of crataegus ( it is thus used in treating cardiovascular diseases); its traditional use, however, is to treat cough and other lung disorders. The combination of bamboo and terminalia provides the phlegm resolving and astringent action that normalise mucus secretions. Sandalwood and saussurea disperse stagnant qi so as to free up the lung movement and improve deep breathing and circulation. This formula is particularly suited to chronic lung disorders, ones that haven’t responded well to the standard therapies, for which one would usually apply a tonic therapy along with herbs to treat the specific syndrome; in this case, rhodiola serves as the main tonic herb. As a tonic, Rhodiola 8 may be compared to Cordyceps 9 and Ginseng 6; those formulas also tonify the lungs, but they do not contain the dispersing herbs (eg saussurea and sandalwood) that are useful for chest tightness. The herbs of Rhodiola 8 are particularly suited to chronic inflammation, such as persisting and recurrent bronchitis and asthma, and is suited to persons with cardiovascular diseases that result from obesity, limited exercise, and improper diet.

Rhodiola, Hippophae, Saussurea, Sandalwood Bamboo, Terminalia, Carthamus, Licorice
Pin Yin
hongjingtian, shaji, muxiang, tanxiang, tianzhuhuang, hezi, honghua, gancao