S A L V I A / L I G U S T R U M . T A B L E T S

General Activities
vitalise blood, nourish yin, clear heat

Sample Indications for Use
hepatitis B or hepatitis C, liver fibrosis

To Personalise, Add
Zedoaria Tablets or Eupolyphaga Tablets for advanced liver disease
Zhu Dan Tablets for gallbladder disorder
Shen chu 16 for digestive disturbance
Isatis 6, Paris 7, or Gentiana 12 for high level of viral activity
Ardisia 16 for accompanying nervous agitation
Shou Wu Tablets or Lotus Leaf Tablets for fatty liver
Bupleurum-Gardenia Tablets for damp-heat of liver

This formula is intended for a course of therapy lasting 3-6 months, which may be repeated if deemed necessary.

Manufacturing Specifications
Hot water extract of the formula is formed into 800 mg tablets. Bottling of 100, 250, and 420 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
The Salvia/Ligustrum formulation is based on an extensive review of the Chinese literature on hepatitis B treatment, selecting from the most commonly relied upon herbs and focusing on the principles of therapy that most Chinese physicians considered important: vitalising blood, nourishing yin, and clearing heat (see Eclipta Tablets). Licorice and hu-chang were reported to directly inhibit the viral activity; schizandra and curcuma were reported to lower liver enzyme levels; salvia reduces liver fibrosis. These herbs are also recommended by Chinese physicians for treating hepatitis C, except in cases of significant damp-heat syndrome (see Bupleurum/Gardenia Tablets). Salvia/Ligustrum Tablets were used in a clinical trial conducted in China for treatment of hepatitis B. The US Centres for Disease Control provided laboratory reagents for measuring viral parameters and four Chinese hospitals provided in-patient services, including monitoring of symptoms and administration of the herb tablets. The dosage given was 9 tablets each time, three times daily, and this was accompanied by a vitamin supplement (see Quercenol, White Tiger). After 12 weeks, there were notable improvements in symptoms, liver enzymes, and some measures of viral activity, though a permanent cure was not observed with this short treatment time. There is no evidence that hepatitis C can be cured by use of natural therapies, but the disease apparently can be controlled. See also Oxymatrine and Alpha Curcumone (White Tiger) and Varunal (Herbs from India).

Salvia, Ligusrum, Licorice, Hu chang, Curcuma, Atractylodes, Schizandra
Pin Yin
danshen, nuzhenzi, gancao, huzhang, yujin, baizhu, wuweizi