S A N . Q I . 17

General Activities
crack static blood, relieve pain

Sample Indications for Use
blood stasis due to injury, surgery, or other traumatic damage to the tissues

To Personalise, Add
Salvia Shou Wu for leg thrombosis
Blue Citrus Tablets or Upper Palace Tablets for chest injuries
Lindera 15 for post-partum disorders due to blood stagnation
Angelica 14 or Pueraria 10 for upper body injuries
Myrrh Tablets for sharp pains due to injuries
Chiang huo 13 or Acanthopanax 10 for injuries affecting the joints and muscles.

This formula is best used soon after an injury or other physical harm; it may be used for several days or weeks.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered and formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 and 250 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
San Qi 17 is based on patent remedies that are sometimes called “hit pills”, because they were designed to treat a person who has been struck by a hard blow. This might occur in the practice of martial arts or simply from an accident. Examples of such formulas are Xiongdan Dieda Wan and Jingu Dieshang Wan. They are comprised mainly of blood vitalising herbs, especially the ones that are said to “crack static blood”. This means that they can hasten the resolution of clotted blood, as is found in bruises and knife wounds; the property differs from simply enhancing the circulation of blood, as is often accomplished with salvia, red peony, and millettia in modern prescriptions. The main blood-cracking agents in this formula are san-chi, myrrh, frankincense, calamus (also called “dragon’s blood”), persica, carthamus, and eupolyphaga. In treating old injuries that still cause pain or restricted motion, this formula can be used as an initial treatment, in an attempt to rectify disordered blood circulation, followed by herb formulas that are suited to long-term application (eg Salvia Shou Wu or Recovery Pills). The Chinese literature expresses concerns about using “strong” blood vitalising agents in persons of weak constitution. In general, this concern is with the high dosage decoctions and not the pill form and with formulas that have no tonics included. San-chi, tang-kuei, cinnamon twig, red peony, and licorice in this formula provide some tonic effect. Additional san chi may be provided with Tien Chi Ginseng Tablets (Pine Mountain). Bromelgin (White Tiger), which provides the anti-inflammatory enzyme bromelain, may also be useful for injuries.

San chi, Myrrh, Frankincense, Calamus gum, Curcuma, Persica, Tang kuei, Red peony, Sappan wood, Cinnamon twig, Kadsura, Dalbergia, Eupolyphaga, Carthamus, Rhubarb, Tsou ma tai, Licorice
Pin Yin
sanqi, moyao, ruxiang, xuejie, jujin, taorren, danggui, chishao, sumu, guizhi, heilouhu, jiangxiang, zhechong, honghua, dahuang, zoumatai, gancao