S P A R G A N I U M . 1 2

General Activities
vitalise blood, regulate qi, resolve lumps

Sample Indications for Use
uterine myoma (fibroids), cervical dysplasia, prostate swelling, liver tumours

To Personalise, Add
Lindera 15, Myrrh Tablets, or Lower Palace Tablets for painful abdominal lumps and swellings
Blue Citrus Tablets for fibrocystic disease of the breast or reproductive organs
Chih ko & Curcuma or Zedoaria Tablets for tumours and cervical dysplasia
Turtle Shell Tablets for uterine myoma with endometrial cysts

This formula is intended for a course of therapy of about three months, which may be repeated. For large fibroids, a high dosage decoction or dried decoction ought to be used first.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herb powders are combined with additional zedoaria and sparganium extracts and formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 and 250 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Sparganium 12 is based on modern Chinese clinical approaches to treating uterine fibroids (or other abdominal masses) with prescriptions comprised of herbs to regulate the circulation of qi and blood. In this formula, zedoaria and sparganium are the basic pair of blood vitalising herbs for resolving masses; these are supplemented by other regulating herbs, namely vaccaria, achyranthes, tang kuei, and persica, and by qi regulators, mainly bupleurum and cyperus. Oyster shell is included for resolving masses and dipsacus is included as a warming tonic that also vitalises blood. According to Chinese studies of fibroid treatment, fibroids are easier to shrink if they are small, and the effect of treatment is to alleviate symptoms of fibroids even if the amount of shrinkage is not substantial. The most difficult symptom is excessive bleeding caused by exposure of blood vessels, pushed by the fibroid to the surface of the uterine wall. Blood vitalising herbs can cause some increase in bleeding until the fibroid is reduced in size. Herbs that inhibit bleeding, such as Tien Chi Ginseng Tablets (Pine Mountain) or Imperata 10 may be given at the same time to minimise this problem. Sparganium 12 can be used for any abdominal mass that is deemed to be a blood stasis type (however, a fluid mass, as occurs with ovarian cysts, is treated differently; see Cinnamon/Rehmannia). The structure of this formula is similar to that of Blue Citrus Tablets, used for breast lumps, except that breast lumps are considered a combination of phlegm mass and blood stasis, whereas the uterine myoma is considered a blood stasis syndrome only.

Sparganium, Zedoaria (ext), Vaccaria, Achyranthes, Dipsacus, Cyperus, Oyster shell, Blue citrus, Tang kuei, Persica, Bupleurum, Cinnamon twig
Pin Yin
sanleng, ezhu, wangbuliuxing, niuxi, xuduan, xiangfuzi, muli, qingpi, danggui, taoren, chaihu, guizhi