S T E M O N A . T A B L E T S

General Activities
clear heat and damp-heat, clean toxin, resolve phlegm, relieve cough

Sample Indications for Use
lung, intestine, skin infections, vaginal infections, swelling and numbness of the legs

To Personalise, Add
Belamcanda 15, Trichosanthes Fruit Tablets, Astragalus 16, or Lily 14 for lung infection
Picrorrhiza 11 or Bidens 6 for intestinal infection
Anemarrhena Tablets for infection with high fever
Isatis 6 for sore throat due to infection
Coix Tablets for skin infections and diverticulitis
Clerodendron 6 for psoriatic arthritis

This formula is used for several days or weeks to treat an infection, or for several months to prevent infections when susceptibility is high.

Manufacturing Specifications
Herbs are powdered, stemona extract is added, and the mixture is formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 and 250 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Stemona Tablets is based on the well-known Ermiao San, the simple combination of phellodendron and red atractylodes used for damp-heat disorders such as skin eruptions, vaginal infections, and eczema. The formula has been expanded to become a general anti-infection prescription that also treats lung/sinus infections and intestinal infections, by inclusion of two broad spectrum antiseptic herbs, stemona and sophora, to join the antiseptic phellodendron in the base prescription. The person who is susceptible to persistent or recurrent infections, which are usually those of damp-heat nature, often have an underlying syndrome of stomach/spleen weakness with dampness accumulation and weakened immune functions. Red atractylodes vitalises the stomach and disperses stagnated moisture; changium is a tonic, considered similar in nature to codonopsis (its name, mingdangshen, translates as bright codonopsis), which moistens the lungs, expels phlegm, harmonises the stomach and acts as a digestive tonic (together with stemona, it helps treat lung disorders). Shen chu improves the appetite and promotes digestion. Shen chu is made from wheat that has been fermented with a group of herbs that help inhibit acute infections and allergy reactions, including ching hao, phaeseolus, and xanthium. These ingredients that enhance the spleen/stomach functions and treat dampness differentiate this formula from others that treat infections, such as Isatis 6, Patrinia 7, Paris 7, and Ilex 15. Additionally, Stemona Tablets is suitable for treatment of fungal and amoebic infections. This formula can be used along with various antibiotic therapies to improve their effects and protect against side effects. It is also useful for preventive purposes, taken daily during times of high susceptibility to infection.

Stemona, Phellodendron, Sophora, Changium, Eupatorium, Shen chu
Pin Yin
baibu, huangbai, kushen, mingdangshen, peilan, shenqu