S T Y R A X . 1 4

General Activities
open orifices, disperse qi and blood

Sample Indications for Use
adbominal or chest pain due to stasis of blood

To Personalise, Add
Salvia Shou Wu for cardiovascular disorders
Ardisia 16 for mental disorders with phlegm obstruction and blood stasis
Bupleurum S for stomach pain due to qi and blood stagnation
Lindera 15 for upper abdominal pain and chest pain
Millettia 9 for angina in persons of weaker constitution
San Qi 17 or Upper Palace Tablets for pain due to injuries

This formula may be used as an acute remedy for aches and pains, taken for just a few doses, or for a course of therapy lasting several months to help resolve chronic obstruction.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered and formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Styrax 14 is based on Chinese formulas used for the treatment of obstructed circulation in the chest. There are patent remedies of similar nature, such as Guanxin Suhe Wan - an aromatic mixture of herbal materials, including styrax, borneol, sandalwood, and frankincense - used for prevention and treatment of angina pectoris. These patents, however, are potentially dangerous, because the dosage of borneol in them is so high. Using a similar aromatic formulation with far less borneol, Styrax 14 also includes the combination of san-chi, red peony, cnidium, salvia, and carthamus that is widely used in Chinese clinics to invigorate blood circulation. This formula differs from other blood vitalising prescriptions, such as Salvia Shou Wu, Lindera 15, and San Qi 17, by its inclusion of several highly aromatic agents: styrax, cardamon, sandalwood, and borneol. These “orifice opening” herbs are used to treat a wind phlegm disorder. The wind aspect is the tendency to have sudden closures of circulation, as occurs with arterial spasms and blockages of the arteries; the phlegm aspect has to do with the accumulation of substances that contribute to blockage, such as occurs with the fatty atheromas of atheroscerosis. Aside from cardiac applications, the formula can be used for any other situation of blockage that might arise for which the gentler vitalising formulas are inadequate. In China, san chi is often given to patients who have cardiac blood stasis; Tien Chi Ginseng Tablets (Pine Mountain) can provide additional amounts of this ingredient as can Vitality Tablets (Seven Forests). In the treatment of mental disorders, it is common to employ herbs that open orifices; this formula can be combined with calming herbs, such as those of Ardisia 16 or Fu Shen 16, to alleviate liver or heart agitation that causes abrupt emotional distress, such as bouts of anger or panic attacks.

Styrax, Nardostachys, San chi, Red peony, Cnidium, Salvia, Cardamon, Sandalwood, Lindera, Frankincense, Cinnamon bark, Carthamus, Licorice, Borneol
Pin Yin
suhexiang, gansong, sanqi, chishao, chuanxiong, danshen, sharen, tanxiang, wuyao, ruxiang, rougui, honghua, gancao, bingpian