T O R T O I S E . S H E L L . T A B L E T S

General Activities
nourish yin, clear deficiency fire

Sample Indications for Use
night sweating, feverish feeling, menopausal syndrome, weakness due to feverish disorder, muscular debility, chronic cough

To Personalise, Add
Restorative Tablets for menopausal syndrome
Rehmannia 16 for diabetes
Astragalus 16 for lung diseases with fever and excessive perspiration
Antler 8 for essence deficiency
Tremella 14 for chronic hepatitis or other diseases with yin deficiency
Morus Fruit Tablets for tinnitus or dizziness associated with liver yin deficiency

This formula is intended for use during a one month course of therapy, to be repeated as deemed necessary.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered and formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Tortoise Shell Tablets are based on two traditional prescriptions. One is the simple combination of rehmannia, phellodendron, and anemarrhena (Da Buyin Tang), that is used for yin deficiency fire, and the other is Huqian Wan (Pill of Hidden Tiger), which is used for debility of the limbs that occurs secondary to yin deficiency. Tortoise Shell Tablets nourishes yin and clears heat; it differs from Rehmannia 16, Restorative Tablets, and Anemarrhena Tablets mainly in its reliance on tortoise shell and phellodendron in substantial dosage. Tortoise shell is used to strengthen the tendons and muscles, cool the blood, and lower ascending yang; phellodendron is used to cleanse deficiency heat. There is a description in the traditional Chinese literature of a feverish disease which can cause wasting of the body tissues (wei syndrome), especially the legs: Huqian Wan is the main remedy for this problem. Thus, persons who show low body weight, difficulty putting on weight, or undesired weight loss may benefit from this formula. Cynamorium is a moistening yang tonic that strengthens the legs; dragon tooth is an astringent that causes agitation associated with rising yang. Cases of yin deficiency, such as menopausal syndrome, that are not adequately controlled by the other prescriptions, may respond with the larger doses of tortoise shell and phellodendron.

Tortoise shell, Phellodendron, Rehmannia, Ophiopogon, Dragon teeth, Anemarrhena, Cynomorium, Lycium fruit, Citrus, Ginger
Pin Yin
guiban, huangbai, dihuang, maimendong, longchi, zhimu, suoyang, gouqizi, chenpi, renshen