T R E M E L L A . 1 4

General Activities
nourish yin, tonify qi

Sample Indications for Use
thirst, dryness, chronic feverish condition, hepatitis, pneumonia, bronchitis, tuberculosis, diabetes, nephritis, immune deficiency

To Personalise, Add
Rehmannia 16 for yin deficiency syndrome
Anemarrhena Tablets for fire symptoms such as facial flushing, sweating, fever
Belamcanda 15 for chronic bronchitis with dry cough
Eclipta Tablets for chronic hepatitis
Tang Kuei 18 for abdominal pain
Astragalus 16 for chronic coughing and lung dryness
Ginseng 6 for qi deficiency syndrome

This formula is intended for a prolonged course of therapy of several months.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered and formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Tremella 14 is an expanded version of the traditional Glehnia & Rehmannia Combination (Yiguan Tang) that is used to regulate the liver, mainly by nourishing liver yin. That formula includes rehmannia, ophiopogon, lycium, glehnia, tang kuei, melia, and licorice, which nourish yin and blood (melia regulates liver qi circulation). The formula is here modified by adding additional yin nourishing agents, such as tremella and tortoise shell, and the qi tonics, astragalus, codonopsis, and atractylodes. The resulting prescription is not limited to treating liver yin disorders, but is extended to treat other yin deficiencies. The formula differs from other yin nourishing prescriptions, such as Restorative Tablets and Rehmannia 16, in that it contains more qi tonics. The combination of qi and yin deficiency gives rise to irregular metabolism, immune dysfunctions, and inflammation (see also Pseudostellaria 9 and Prunella 8). this formula is suited for those with immune deficiencies, chronic fatigue, and weak pulse. Tremella is a mushroom that contains immune-enhancing polysaccharides; however, the amount of polysaccharide available in this formula is limited; it can be combined with Coricepium (White Tiger) to provide polysaccharides from three other mushrooms. A small amount of citrus is included to aid digestion of the rich yin tonics; a similar strategy is used in making Tortoise Shell Tablets.

Tremella, Astragalus, Lycium, Rehmannia, Ophiopogon, Codonopsis, Glehnia, Tang kuei, Atractylodes, Melia, Tortoise shell, Schizandra, Licorice, Citrus
Pin Yin
yiner, huangqi, gouqizi, shengdi, maimendong, dangshen, beishashen, danggui, baizhu, chuanlianzi, guiban, wuweizi, gancao, chenpi