T U R T L E . S H E L L . T A B L E T S

General Activities
vitalise blood, soften masses

Sample Indications for Use
endometriosis, interstitial cystitis

To Personalise, Add
Lindera 15 or Lower Palace Tablets for qi and blood stagnation cases, such as fibroids
Cinnamon & Rehmannia for ovarian cysts accompanied by constipation
Chih Ko & Curcuma for prostate tumour
Myrrh Tablets for pelvic inflammatory disease
Zedoaria Tablets or Sparganium 12 for masses associated with the female reproductive system
Pyrrosia 14 for interstitial cystitis

This formula is intended for a course of therapy lasting about one month, which may be repeated as deemed necessary. Discontinue if abdominal cramping occurs.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered and formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Turtle Shell Tablets is based on modern Chinese research, conducted mainly in Shanghai, into treatments for endometriosis. This research has yielded several versions of Neiyi Wan (Endometriosis Pills) with ingredients similar to those listed above. The key ingredients of those pills are turtle shell to soften masses and rhubarb to vitalise blood (not for laxative effect). The pill is used in relatively small dosage (compared to some other treatment strategies) to treat this condition and, according to the Chinese reports, it is common to gain remission from the disease within a few months. The basic Neiyi Wan described in the Chinese reports contains turtle shell, rhubarb, and succinum. The other ingredients in Turtle Shell Tablets also vitalise blood circulation (cinnamon twig and red peony together harmonise the circulation in the vessels and prevent painful spasms). For some individuals, turtle shell and rhubarb can cause abdominal cramping or diarrhea. In such cases, it is better to select an alternative approach, such as using Lindera 15 or Lower Palace Tablets, plus Corydalis 5 during menstruation or whenever pain occurs. Strong dispersing therapies, such as this one, are usually provided for only a few weeks or months; after that, therapy would continue with milder dispersing formulas, usually involving a combination of qi and blood regulating therapies. According to Chinese studies, the Neiyi Wan formulations normalise immune functions and hormone levels as part of their mechanism of action.

Turtle shell, Rhubarb, Persica, Sparganium, Typha, Succinum, Red peony, Cinnamon twig
Pin Yin
biejia, dahuang, taoren, sanleng, puhuang, hupo, chishao, guizhi