U N C A R I A . 6

General Activities
purge liver fire, nourish kidney and liver

Sample Indications for Use
hypertension, tinnitus

To Personalise, Add
Salvia Shou Wu for general cardiovascular disease
Albizzia 9 for hypertension with depression or spasm
Eucommia 18 for aching in the back and legs
Angelica 14 or Chrysanthemum 9 for headaches due to hypertension
Tang Kuei 18 for blood deficiency hypertension
Fu shen 16 for hypertension due to fire agitation
Ardisia 16 for hypertension associated with extreme stress
Morus Fruit Tablets for tinnitus due to liver wind

This formula is suitable for long-term therapy. The dosage might be increased temporarily to address breakthrough of high blood pressure.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered and formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 and 250 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Uncaria 6 is based on research on its individual herb ingredients, revealing an antihypertensive action. Of several possible ingredients, these were selected for their safety in long term use and were formulated to have a harmonising action. Uncaria, prunella, and scute purge liver fire, while tang kuei nourishes liver blood; together, these regulate the liver to control wind, especially as it manifests in contraction of the muscles regulating the blood vessels. Eucommia tonifies kidney yang while loranthus nourishes kidney yin; together, these prevent deterioration of kidney essence that leads to increased blood pressure with aging. Eucommia and loranthus also nourish the liver, supporting tang kuei in that action. Some patent medicines have been developed in China for treating hypertension that include similar ingredients; examples are Compound Cortex Eucommia Tablets and Jiangya Wan (Blood Pressure Lowering Pills). All of these formulas are suitable for treating hypertension that is due to vascular constriction. Hypertension that is due solely or primarily to other causes, such as arteriosclerosis, artherosclerosis, or renal blockage may not react to the herbs and may require drug therapy. However, also try Chrysanthemum 9 in such cases, as it has a different set of antihypertensive herbs, including some that are reputed to help with renal hypertension. Vascular constriction usually relaxes when a person is in a relaxed state; if an individual with hypertension can lower their blood pressure when under ideal conditions, then Uncaria 6 should be of benefit to relieve the vascular tension associated with stressful situations. See also Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin (Pine Mountain).

Uncaria, Prunella, Scute, Eucommia, Loranthus, Tang kuei
Pin Yin
gouteng, xiakucao, huangqin, duzhong, sangjisheng, danggui