V I O L A . 1 2

General Activities
tonify qi, clear heat, resolve toxic swellings

Sample Indications for Use
immune deficiency disorders complicated by swellings or chronic infections, cancer therapies, lymph node swelling of unknown origin

To Personalise, Add
Laminaria 4, Prunella 8, or Scrophularia 12 for lymphatic swelling
Astragalus 16 for chronic lung infection
Isatis 6 for opportunistic infection
Millettia 9 for leukopenia
Plantago Seed Tablets for leg sores or athelete’s foot

This formula is intended for a course of therapy lasting a few weeks, which may be repeated as deemed appropriate, and then replaced by a simple tonic prescription.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered and eleuthero and prunella extracts are added; the mixture is then formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Viola 12 is an immune enhancing formulation, similar to Astragalus 10+, which has been modified by the addition of viola, laminaria, prunella, and raw rehmannia. Viola is used in modern practice of Chinese medicine mainly to treat toxic syndromes with swelling, such as mumps, carbuncles, appendicitis, kidney inflammation, and lung tumours. For this purpose, its often combined with laminaria and/or sargassum, and prunella to take down the swellings, and with raw rehmannia to clear up a toxic-heat syndrome. Laminaria helps to resolve phlegm masses, especially hot phlegm, as might occur in cases of bronchial infection with thick sputum or lymph node swelling due to infection. A similar formulation in Chinese clinical practice is used for the treatment of osteoarticular tuberculosis. This is a condition that is caused by a chronic, active infection (of Mycobacterium) that affects the joints. In the US, Viola 12 has been applied to conditions such as mononucleosis or the persistent form of the disease (chronic EBV infection), for chronic strep throat, and for lymph node swelling of unknown origins. The formula can also be used, in the same manner as Astragalus 10+ or Gynostemma Tablets, as an adjunct to cancer therapies to boost the immune functions, while reducing swellings; the dosage used for that application would be high, about 5-6 tablets each time.

Viola, Astragalus, Ganoderma, Eleuthero (ext), Codonopsis, Ligustrum, Laminaria, Atractylodes, Rehmannia, Millettia, Schizandra, Licorice
Pin Yin
zihuadiding, huangqi, lingzhi, ciwujia, dangshen, nuzhenzi, kunbu, baizhu, shengdi, jixueteng, wuweizi, gancao