Z A O C Y S . T A B L E T S

General Activities
dispel wind and dampness, calm internal wind

Sample Indications for Use
itching due to allergy, eczema, or psoriasis; arthritis with hot joints

To Personalise, Add
Xanthium 12 for itching due to allergy
Dictamnus 13 for eczema
Kochia 13 for psoriasis due to blood heat
Zedoaria Tablets for psoriasis associated with blood stagnation
Forsythia 18 or Red Peony Tablets for skin eruptions and weeping sores
Clerodendron 6 for hot-type arthritis
Chien Li Tablets for itchy eyes
Tang Kuei 18 for blood deficiency

This formula is intended for use for several days or weeks to treat itching. It is not recommended to be used continuously for several months.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered and formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Zaocys Tablets is based on well-known patent formulas for itching, such as Kai Yeung Pill (Huashe Jieyang Wan), Tri-Snake Itch-Removing Pills, and Armadillo Counter Poison Pills. These formulas rely mainly on the zaocys and agkistrodon snakes (in tri-snake pills, there are two species of agkistrodon included) combined with herbs that are commonly used for treating damp-heat skin ailments, such as dictamnus, cnidium fruit, siler, and cicada (see Kochia 13 and Dictamnus 13, both used for eczema). Unfortunately, most of these pills contain undesirable substances and unlabeled ingredients, so they can’t be used in the modern setting, so this formula can take their place. Itching is most often caused by an allergy type reaction that manifests in the skin, due to ingested substances or contact allergens, and may be worsened by stress hormones. The itching is classified by the Chinese as being a damp-heat condition combined with wind. This is also the nature of the hot-type arthritis (see Clerodendron 6). Snakes are frequently used for skin itching and arthritis. This formula differs from another anti-allergy formula, Xanthium 12, in that it does not contain the herbs for astringing mucous secretions and opening the sinuses. Zaocys Tablets also differs from another anti-itching formula, Zhu Dan Tablets; the latter is to be used when there are signs of gallbladder disorder and accumulation of hot phlegm (a syndrome of heat and dampness, which yields itching when combined with wind). It is important to identify inducers of the skin rashes and avoid them to the extent possible.

Zaocys, Agkistrodon, Cnidium fruit, Tribulus, Cicada, Red peony, Tang kuei, Schizonepeta, Siler, Dictamnus, Rehmannia, Licorice
Pin Yin
wushaoshe, baihuashe, shechangzi, baijili, chantui, chishao, danggui, jingjie, fangeng, baixianpi, dihuang, gancao