Z E D O A R I A . T A B L E T S

General Activities
vitalise blood, clean toxin, resolve phlegm

Sample Indications for Use
abdominal masses, psoriasis, cancer, abscesses, swellings, injuries

To Personalise, Add
Kochia 13 for psoriasis
Chih Ko & Curcuma or Eupolyphaga Tablets for abdominal tumours
Lindera 15 or Sparganium 12 for endometriosis and fibroids
Forsythia 18 or Coix Tablets for skin abscess
San Qi 17 or Myrrh Tablets for pain due to injuries
Paris 7 for metastasized tumours
Woman’s Treasure for cold-type cervical dysplasia

This formula is intended for use in a course of therapy lasting up to three months, which may be repeated if deemed necessary.

Manufacturing Specifications
Crude herbs are powdered, an additional extract of zedoaria is added; the mixture is then formed into 750 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Zedoaria Tablets is a blood vitalising formula with herbs for treating toxic swellings. It is based on Chinese research using a relatively unique approach to treating growths and masses, such as stubborn psoriasis, fallopian tube blockage, abdominal tumours, and injuries with swelling. Zedoaria Tablets contains several ingredients for strongly dispersing localised static blood: zedoaria, sparganium, curcuma, frankincense and eupolyphaga. These herbs are commonly used in treating tumours (see Sparganium 12 and Chih Ko & Curcuma). Oldenlandia is an anti-toxin herb that has broad applications, including skin and intestinal disorders (see Coix Tablets), and for treating cancer and viral hepatitis (see Paris 7 and Bupleurum-Gardenia Tablets). Gleditsia spine and acorus resolve stubborn phlegm masses; these herbs have been used in China to treat fallopian tube blockage in women suffering from infertility. This formula is intended to treat recalcitrant cases of stagnation in which there is excessive tissue growth and /or chronic inflammation. It may be selected as a follow-up to other formulas if they fail to attain the expected results within a reasonable period of time, or as a first attempt at treating a disease that has been present a long time and progressed to a serious condition. Due to the strong resolving nature of the formula, once good effects are attained, one may wish to follow-up with a prescription that uses a combination of tonification a vitalising therapies, such as Tang Kuei 18.

Zedoaria, Oldenlandia, Gleditsia spine, Sparganium, Curcuma, Acorus, Frankincense, Eupolyphaga
Pin Yin
ezhu, baihuasheshecao, zaojiaoci, sanleng, yjin, shichangpu, ruxiang, zhechong